CIO movers and shakers

A look at recent movements among Australian CIOs

  • Former head of IT at Credit Suisse Canada, Tim Thurman, recently commenced his role as CIO of Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), after being [[artnid: 424500|chosen for the role in May this year|]]. He has also previously worked at Alpha Trading Systems, an alternative trading system in Canada; TD Newcrest, a division of TD Securities; and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

  • Former head of IT at Ashurst law firm (formerly known as Blake Dawson), Christine Burns, has just started in her role as CIO with the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Burns is responsible for [[artnid: 424335|developing an IT strategy for UTS to manage the growth of technology and data at the university, and oversees 200 IT staff|]].

  • [[artnid: 433989|Luc Derix|]] recently became CIO of the Allianz Global Assistance after being the acting CIO for about six months, and has been with the organisation since 2009. Derix has more than 17 years’ experience in the IT industry and previously held IT-related positions at Fujitsu Consulting, Queensland Police, InfoHRN and Capital Australia.

  • Joel Leslie’s prior experience as head of technology at real estate franchise group, Raine & Horne, positioned him well to harness technology for the purpose of leading change as CIO of the Australian Property Institute (API). Commencing the CIO role in January, Leslie has already initiated and implemented substantial changes in the API’s technological landscape, resulting in a significant shift in the way the organisation’s information is treated. In a [[artnid: 417293|Q&A with CIO Australia, Leslie said|]], “CIOs really need to do is think outside the square… I think far too many CIOs don’t really understand the strategy of the organisation or don’t know how to fit the strategy into the business, it’s a big thing to think about and change.”

  • George Lymbers became CIO of Baptist Community Services in February and was [[artnid: 383547|previously CIO of Anglican Church Sydney Diocesan Secretariat|]]. He has more than seven years’ experience in the CIO role.

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