Gear and gadgets at CeBIT 2012, Sydney

3D printing, notebooks and more tablets than you can poke a stick at

  • Techworld Australia dropped down to CeBIT at Darling Harbour to have a look at some of the gear and gadgets on offer. These glasses are for watching movies on a smartphone. Or for your next Star Trek party.

  • Not for watching movies: This is an eye massager. I wasn't game to try one.

  • Probably the coolest thing on display at CeBIT: A meagphone for your iPhone. It's not powered -- but its design means it amplifies sounds when you slot a phone in the end.

  • Like this.

  • I thought this was pretty neat: A way to store and charge multiple iPads.

  • A multi-port charger for iPads.

  • Some cool LEGO-style robot thingies.

  • More 3D printing.

  • A desktop 3D printer. Good stuff.

  • A guy with an unfortunate facial expression shows off a 3D printed object.

  • A 3D printed puppy. A++ would photograph again.

  • More 3D printed stuff.

  • Business card printing.

  • There were quite a few interactive whiteboards on display.

  • I'm sure this motorbike has something to do with Lenovo's messaging, but not sure what.

  • Tablets. They were everywhere.

  • HP had a range of its thin clients on display. The company recently unveiled an all-in-one thin client [[artnid:424203|capable of being powered by an Ethernet cable]]. HP claims the t410 AiO is the first all-in-one thin client that supports the 802.3at Type 1 Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard, which means it is capable of drawing its power from a network connection.

  • NBN Co had a truck at CeBIT.

  • A robot arm that refused to stay still for me to photograph it.

  • Buffalo had some storage devices on display

  • Samsung had some very nice notebooks on display.

  • And some very nice tablets.

  • More from Samsung's standf

  • A Lenovo notebook.

  • Hitachi was showing off a range of short-throw projectors that can be used for education. This one projects an interactive screen.

  • The actual projector. The image was impressive considering the projection distance.

  • Apparently y+s sucks. You heard it here first.

  • An outdoor-friendly wireless access point by HP

  • A racing setup at the HP stand.

  • More HP gear.

  • These were super cool: Advertising projected over a product housed in a glass-fronted cabinet.

  • Panasonic's ToughBook notebooks.

  • A nice gamign laptop at the Alienware stand.

  • An Alienware desktop in the Alienware bus.

  • There were a few of these dogs. Not alive but still cute. Why is there no pet tech fair?

  • A Fujitsu notebook.

  • More Fujitsu notebook. I'm as excited as you are.

  • Cable management. Important stuff.

  • Advantech had a range of interesting mini-PCs on display.

  • Portable battery for your smartphone/tablet/whatever

  • Diving mask with a built-in camera.

  • It's an ebook reader. Thrilling.

  • Card scanners. Whoo.

  • Wi-Fi enabled scales.

  • Interactive whiteboard.

  • Does it blend? I'm not sure.

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