In Pictures: Behind the scenes of MyCyberTwin

We take a look at how AI is being used at the Aussie company

  • [[xref:|MyCyberTwin]] first made waves in 2009 with its CyberTwin product.

  • Most CyberTwin's have the ability to understand and respond to a variety of languages.

  • The aim of MyCyberTwin is to use human psychology with an advanced artificial intelligence engine.

  • The company [[artnid:409005|recently won]] a $15,000 prize in the New South Wales Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) Patron Awards.

  • National Australia Bank uses MyCyberTwin as a virtual helpdesk for its users.

  • While MyCyberTwin uses artificial intelligence (AI) for communication, chief innovation officer and co-founder, John Zakos, believes self-awareness is [[artnid:409011|lifetimes away]].

  • NASA uses MyCyberTwin as an educational resource, using the technology on its website.

  • John Zakos and Liesl Capper, co-founders of MyCyberTwin.

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