In pictures: Vodafone paints the store red for iPhone 4S launch

The iPhone 4S was launched in Sydney with red carpets, balloons, DJs and celebs

  • Vodafone went red all over for its official Australian launch of the iPhone 4S in Sydney. The telco will be selling the iPhone 4S from more than 100 stores nationally, and it promises there will be more phones and less queues than before. Special guests included fashion designer, Wayne Coopers, and Operator Please drummer, Tim Commandeur.

    Customers wait outside Vodafone's George Street store in Sydney to get their hands on the iPhone 4S.

  • A DJ kept the Vodafone staff and guests entertained.

  • The special guests pose for a group photo.

  • A buying frenzy ensured as customers with iPhone 4S pre-orders were unleashed into the store.

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