In pictures: CIO Summit Melbourne 2011 speakers

Photos from the event

  • Andrew Millingen, ICT & BI Manager, Swisse Vitamins

  • Director, Information Technology Services at Victoria University, Phil County

  • Head of IT Operations at REA Group, James Wilson

  • Stuart Brockwell, ICT Operations Manager, South East Water

  • Gen-i Australia managing director, Paul Wilson

  • Gavin Gusling, General Manager IT at Grenda Corporation talks to Linda Kennedy

  • Chris Morris, Director, Services Asia Pacific, Principal Analyst, Cloud Services & Technologies, IDC Asia Pacific

    Cloud 2015, the Asia Pacific scenario

  • CIO editor, Georgina Swan

  • Bruce Carlos

  • IDC managing director, Gary Clarke

  • Rory Gregg, Associate Director, Grant Thornton, talks about loooking beyond infrastrucutre and leading business transformation.

    As the pressure to find efficiency improvements and cost reductions intensifies across both the public and private sector, CIOs have the opportunity to play an increasing role in shaping business strategy and the change process.
    Gregg discussed the role leadership plays in supporting transformational change, and how CIOs can play a constructive role in fostering business innovation.

  • Queensland Audit Office CIO, David Elkin, reflects on the reality of business continuity and disaster recovery.

  • CIO Executive Council: Mobility in the new world order

    We find ourselves back at the question of how to deliver mobility solutions to internal users. With ever-growing pressure from the end user, CIOs need to strike a balance between creating an environment that supports staff in the way they want to be supported while keeping costs down and not compromising business operations. The insights of the panel provided food for thought for all CIOs around an issue that many are grapping with in their own enterprise.
  • Linda Kennedy, Former Editor and Publisher, CIO, founder of the Australian CIO Executive Council

  • Glenn Page, Head of Service Management, AGL Energy Limited

  • Tim Dillon, Associate Vice-President, Asia Pacific End User & Mobility Research, IDC Australia

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