In pictures: NCR's new video automated teller machine

NCR Corporation unveiled its prototype APTRA video automated teller machine (VTM) which features a live video link to a teller.

  • A video camera enables the teller to see the customer and can also tell them if someone is `shoulder surfing' or trying to read their details.

  • Users have the option of traditional ATM or video teller services.

  • The VTM reading a cheque.

  • The NCR APTRA interactive teller technology lets customers see and speak to a live teller by touching the screen.

  • Another shot of the teller located in a local call centre.

  • Authentication with a physical signature is required when receiving cash from the teller.

  • The NCR APTRA VTM screen. Trials are under way with at least one of the big four banks in Australia.

  • A second scanner on the VTM scans ID cards to verify customers.

  • The teller is located in an Australian call centre. Banks will not be outsourcing this role overseas, according to NCR.

  • Screen requesting the customer to insert cash or cheques.

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