Windows Phone 7 Mango: New features

Get a closer look at the top 10 coolest new features in the WP7 Mango update, coming this fall

  • Local Scout

    The Local Scout feature pulls local results and recommendation of nearby businesses such as restaurant, shops and other activities.
  • Personal Contact Card

    Mango makes it easier to update your Facebook status or IM, directly from your contact card.
  • Live Tiles

    You can create personalized live tiles for friends and individuals on the home screen, and third-party apps will be able to display tailored information in this space as well.
  • Multitasking

    Third party apps in Mango will be able to run in the background and you can switch between apps via a panels interface. You'll be able to quickly switch among recently used applications by pressing and holding the back button.
  • Improved Bing

    You can initiate a Bing search by taking photos of barcodes, QR codes or Microsoft Tags (no need for a third-party app). Bing can also identify songs by holding the phone to a speaker.
  • Internet Explorer 9

    The Windows Phone version of Internet Explorer includes some support for HTML5 and hardware acceleration. Social networking is built in, so you can share any page you browse.
  • Integrated Messaging

    Mango allows you to switch between text messages, Facebook chat and Windows Live Messenger without having to open and close multiple apps: It's all in the same conversation.
  • Contact Groups

    Mango allows you to pull groups of contacts into live tiles on the home screen, which will also display their social networking status updates. Shortcuts to send texts, emails or IMs to an entire group are also available.
  • Unified Inbox

    You can finally pull multiple email accounts into one inbox in Mango, via what Microsoft calls a linked inbox. You can also search email servers, like the Exchange Server, for older emails no longer stored on your phone.
  • App Connect

    App Connect is a new Mango feature that will connect specific apps to search results in Bing, such as the IMDb app opening when you select a movie from the search results.
  • A Revamped Windows Phone

    Windows Phone 7 will get a bunch of improvements later this fall in the form of Mango, a free software update. Microsoft says there are more than 500 new features coming in Mango but we only got a glimpse at what's coming, so here are the top 10 additions in Mango to be excited about.
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