Smart grids set to revolutionise energy companies - Part 1

Smart grids and telecommunications partnerships are rapidly transforming utility providers’ businesses. That spells new threats and challenges for CIOs — and new opportunities for those who step up to greet them

  • Smart grids are set to transform the business of utilities.

  • BrightSource Energy director, Andrew Dyer: "The information technology, and the core IP of the company is the algorithm that controls the mirrors."

  • There is a way to go before smart grid supporting infrastructure matures.

  • Tony Sennitt, managing director of utility consultancy, Diamond Energy.
    "Of 250,000 smart meters installed in Victoria, not one of them is currently working as a smart meter."

  • Smart grids complicate the picture significantly for CIOs, who will become de facto guides for business leaders forced to explore the technology’s potential. Scores are out of a possible 5.
    Source: Logica

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