In pictures: Sony's S1 and S2 Android tablets

Sony's new Android tablets will run version 3.0 of Google's mobile OS

  • The Sony S2 has an unusual form factor for a tablet: It uses a clamshell design with twin 5.5in touchscreens and can be folded so it fits in a jacket pocket or bag.

  • Sony is hoping that developers come up with innovative applications that make use of the dual screens on the S2 tablet. Some of the company's own applications do. The mail app, for example, shows the message text on the top screen and the mail list on the bottom screen.

  • Sony has built an infrared transmitter into the S1, so it can be used to control gadgets around the house, such as a television or Blu-ray Disc player.

  • Both the S1 and S2 will run Android 3.0 ('Honeycomb') — the first version of the operating system designed for tablets.

  • Kunimasa Sukuki with the Sony S1 tablet. The S1 has a 9.4in screen that takes up most of the device's front.

  • Sony will make its long-awaited entry into the tablet PC market later this year with two models based on the latest version of Google's Android operating system. The tablets, which carry the development names S1 and S2, will be launched worldwide from the fall, Sony said on Tuesday. The company didn't announce pricing details or specific launch dates, but it did offer some basic specifications and demonstrate prototypes of the two machines at a Tokyo news conference. Pictured: Kunimasa Sukuki, deputy president of Sony's consumer products and services group, with the Sony S2 tablet. Read more about [[xref:|Google Android]] at Techworld Australia.

  • Both tablets are PlayStation Certified, which means they will run an upcoming series of Android games from Sony and other game studios. The familiar PlayStation control buttons appear on screen and are used through the touch panel. Reporting: Martyn Williams, IDG News Service. Further reading:

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  • The S2 case has a wedge shape. According to Sony, this design was inspired by the way people hold a magazine with a single hand. Typically, you'd fold half the magazine around on itself to make it easier to hold, resulting in one side being thicker than the other.

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