Australian financial services sector lags UK, US for Green IT

Fujitsu’s Green IT benchmark research shows improvements and opportunites for cost savings

  • The index surveyed 638 organisations in four countries - the US, UK, Australia and India. Although financial services performs only marginally better than overall, it has improved dramatically from previous benchmarks.

    "We have about 18 months worth of data for the financial services industry," said Fujitsu global executive director of sustainability, Alison Rowe. "Twelve months ago, financial services was probably on the bottom of the list when it came to the industries in Australia so I think it’s important to acknowledge the improvement.

    "But there is still a massive opportunity to proceed with further improvements, especially as financial services is the most IT-energy intensive industry. If you were to look at the energy bill for a financial services company, a significant amount of that energy would be from IT."

  • Australian financial services rank below average except for 'quick wins' at the end user level - such as turning PCs off at night. According to Fujitsu, the sector can improve considerably by focusing on aspects such as 'enterprise' or 'enablement'.

    "We will see tighter legislation come out in this sector in Australia particularly around e-waste, which should come out next year, which reflects that we have quite a low score when it comes to disposal and procurement,"Fujitsu global executive director of sustainability, Alison Rowe, said.

    "I also think the price in the market will be what really stimulates investment and creates a stronger business case for the next level of usage, apart from quick wins."

  • How the financial industry compares for each country to the cross industry average. The UK leads the US, although both countries perform slightly better than the overall average. Australia is on average and India is below average.

    One of the reasons the UK outperforms other countries is due to legislation and reporting requirements, but Fujitsu global executive director of sustainability, Alison Rowe, said energy prices also plays a role.

    The sector's performance in end user computing can be considered best practice, according to Fujitsu. "The GFC hit the US really hard so anything around energy efficiency or saving was a critical issue for IT and that really does reflect in the results," Rowe, said.

    "Interestingly, the US score in enterprise – the data centres – is lower and their score in quick wins is much higher, even though the US has legislation from the EPA that focuses on data centres. So the quick wins were very much a reaction to the GFC."

  • Fujitsu's Green IT Global Benchmark report for the financial services industry is the fourth report Fujitsu has undertaken with research partner, Connection Research. It looks at areas such as Green IT lifecycle, end user efficiencies, enteprise and data centre efficiencies, the use of IT in carbon reduction and measurement and monitoring.

    "We wanted to create awareness within the industry sector and to provide a playing field so people know where they’re at and make them aware of the opportunities for cost savings that are on the table," said Fujitsu global executive director of sustainability, Alison Rowe.

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