How to: Serial port adapter for the iPad

Chris Pollock shows how an iPad will look with a serial port adapter

  • Chris Pollock's recent [[xref:|serial port hack for the iPhone|The great iPhone serial port hack|new]] brought the Linux box to Apple's mobile platform, eliminating the need for a bulk laptop in the data centre or around consoles. But at 3.5in, the iPhone's screen isn't the easiest viewing platform for command lines.

    If you happen to have a hardy iPad around you want for similar uses, this is what the handy adapter from Chris Pollock at [[xref:|io Networks|new]] will look like.

  • Head over to the [[xref:|step-by-step guide from Pollock|The great iPhone serial port hack|new]] to find out how to create the adapter yourself. The pictures here show a basic prototype of the project, but the network engineer and part time handyman expects to have a more attractive alternative up and running in the coming months.

    (How to: [[Artnid:359241|Rolling out the iPad in the enterprise|new]])

  • For the serial port to be useful, you'll have to of course jailbreak your iOS device, but once completed, there are plenty of console apps on the Cydia app repository to make it worthwhile.

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  • The iPad becomes an all-in-one console package for Cisco, Linux boxes.

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  • A serial port adapter for the iPad

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  • A serial port adapter for the iPad

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