Slideshow: The Plastiki arrives in Sydney

We take a look at the technology behind the boat made of plastic bottles

  • The Plastiki leaving San Fransisco Credit Luca Babini

  • Some of the 12,500 bottles the Plastiki is made from self-reinforcing PET (srPET); a fabric woven from strands of PET matrix and re-enforcing fibres. Credit Luca Babini.

  • The Plastiki heading into Sydney

  • The Plastiki is run with wind and trailing propeller turbines

  • The crew checking weather conditions on an onboard computer

  • The boat's satellite navigation system

  • The boat's satellite navigation system

  • The boat features Inmarsat technology

  • The Plastiki in Darling Harbour

  • Solar panels are one feature of the eco-friendly boat

  • An onboard satellite phone

  • The Plastiki arriving in Sydney Harbour.

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