Australian iPad apps

Made by Australian businesses for Australian businesses

  • Remote IT solutions provider, LogMeIn, has launched its Ignition app for iPad after the success of its iPhone and Android apps. The application allows users to directly control their desktop, apps and files with one click. The app will mean iPad users can use their new toy to connect to both their home and office computers. Ignition costs $36.99 [[xref:|and is available from the iTunes store|iTunes website]].

  • Netventure recently launched Australia’s first iPad video mash-up application. Revix for iPad allows iPad users to build videos based around their favourite content stored on the device. From sports footage to TV shows, news and other content, the iPad app uses a drag and drop interface, allowing video publishers to interact with their audience on a more dynamic level.

  • AppsWiz, part of Informatel, is not an app in itself but could lend itself well to businesses wanting to develop apps for their customers. The cost to create an app starts at $1695 and AppsWiz guarantees that a seven-day turnaround time to market. Last year AppleWiz developed an iPhone app for Dominos, which recorded 150,000 downloads in three months. More information can be found on [[xref:|the AppleWiz website|AppleWiz website]].

  • Dropbox for iPad expands on the success of the app for the iPhone by using cloud technology to allow users to sync, backup and share their files in this cross-platform service. More information on the app can be found by [[xref:|heading to the dropbox website|dropbox website]].

  • The free PGI Mobile for iPhone app allows users to host and manage conference calls. It is [[xref:|available for download|iTunes app store]] at the iTunes store.

  • It won’t be the first media organisation to make the move to the iPad, but The Australian is certainly among the first to launch an app. With an introductory price of $4.99 a month, the paper hopes that the app will take print media to the next level and engage audiences in a new way.

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