Slideshow: KDE SC 4.4 screenshots

Community project rivals the big guns on the desktop

  • KDE SC 4.4 Plasma widgets have been updated and allow social media applications to be used on the desktop.

  • The virtual desktops can also be presented in a grid fashion.

  • The KDE SC 4.4 desktop integrates Plasma widgets and traditional application windows.

  • KAuth, a new authentication framework for KDE 4.4, provides secure authentication and related user interface elements to developers who want to run tasks with elevated privileges. On Linux, KAuth uses PolicyKit as a backend, providing cross-desktop integration.

  • Dolphin, KDE's native file manager, now has integrated searching, including files with tags.

  • Plasma taskbar previews in KDE SC 4.4 can now group application types.

  • The Plasma device manager for KDE 4.4 has improved support for external devices.

  • KRunner, a desktop search and app launcher widget, now integrates with online services like Wikipedia for KDE 4.4.

  • [[artnid:335612|KDE SC 4.4 brings compositing improvements|new]] to the native window manager, KWin. The "spinning cube" effect to change desktops is shown here.

  • KDE SC 4.4 has a Plasma netbook interface form-factored for small devices.

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