2010: Year of the E-reader

Move over, Kindle—this year promises a slew of devices that will make it easier than ever to digitally consume books. We highlight the latest from CES.

2010: Year of the E-reader next


Entourage eDge

The dual-screen Entourage eDge is aimed squarely at the education market, and company’s deal with text book makers like McGraw Hill underscores its emphasis on students. Due out in February, the $490 eDge has a clamshell design (that can flip be used as a book or as tablet) and dual displays, a 9.7-inch E-Ink and a 10.1-inch LCD.

The LCD side runs Android software, customized with applications for annotations and sharing content. It is a tablet in the end. It comes with a stylus for the tablet LCD side (but you can navigate the tablet side with your fingers, too—just push a little extra hard because of the touch screen overlay). There’s a functional and large on-screen USB keyboard, but the company says it’s not intended to replace a netbook.

The three-pound eDge will work with an external USB or Bluetooth keyboard if you want to type a lot. It comes down to what you are going to use the device for. With both ePub and PDF support, the device holds appeal for both education and business users, and carries the price of a well-powered netbook (or the cost of its primary competitor, the Amazon Kindle DX).

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2010: Year of the E-reader

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