Sneak Peek: KDE 4.4 screenshots

Modern open source desktop to provide brains and beauty

  • KDE 4.4: [[artnid:326573|KDE 4's default theme Oxygen|new]] is also getting new animation features. Effects have been added for active-inactive transition -- where the window appears more prominent when the mouse pointer is hovered over it -– and likewise for window buttons.

  • KDE 4.4: The new desktop grid in [[artnid:326573|KDE 4.4|new]], developed by [[xref:|Martin Graesslin|new]], uses the Present Windows (if activated) effect to lay out the windows. Windows can be dragged from one desktop to another and as soon as the dragging starts the windows on the starting desktop will be automatically rearranged. When the window is dropped onto another desktop the windows start to rearrange immediately.

  • KDE 4.4: Managing Plasma widgets will be easier in KDE 4.4 with Plasma Widget Explorer, the new user interface for adding Plasma applets to the desktop or panel.

  • KDE 4.4: Dolphin, KDE's default file manager, gets improvements in its user interface, including image previews on folder icons and better tool tips. More advanced searching is also coming.

  • KDE 4.4: Blogilo, KDE's new blogging client, has spell-checking, HTML formatting and local saving. Such an application demonstrates KDE's appetite for tight desktop and Web services integration.

  • KDE 4.4: The new KNetworkManager applet will help people better keep track of and manage their wired and wireless network settings. This is a work-in-progress version and the developers have not yet decided if this, or a more basic version, will make the 4.4 release. Improvements for KDE 4.4 will include a minimal UI when creating new connections, showing only the password fields necessary and better input verification to produce connections that work the first time.

  • KDE 4.4: KAuth is the new KDE authorisation configuration (based on PolicyKit) for 4.4. Applications and the desktop can now elevate privileges safely and administrators can specify exactly what a specific user is allowed to do.

  • KDE 4.4: The timeline:/ file browsing option provides a view of recently-edited documents (using semantic desktop features). This is another example of what can be done with Nepomuk.

  • The KWin window tabbing branch has been merged into mainline development by developer Lucas Murray. This now means that it is possible to manually merge multiple windows together by middle-click dragging the title bar of one window over another. Whether tabbing support will make it into KDE 4.4 is unknown at this time, but it's a sign of things to come.

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