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Hands on with the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 hybrid

Are you searching for a lightweight, portable clamshell notebook that can do a great impression of a tablet? Look no further than the XPS 13 2-in-1.

Written by Sarah K. White16 Feb. 17 23:00

6 new 2-in-1 devices to watch for in 2017

Hybrid 2-in-1 tablets were everywhere at CES 2017, with multiple companies unveiling the latest in hybrid designs. Here are six of the most exciting hybrids expected this year.

Written by Sarah K. White24 Jan. 17 21:00

Macbook Pro vs Surface Book i7

The latest versions of the Surface Book and Macbook Pro both offer top-notch performance at the same price, but which device offers better features and more value?

Written by Sarah K. White06 Dec. 16 05:38

Galaxy Note7 business review: A fabulous phone with a few flaws

If Samsung's Galaxy Note7 isn't already on your radar, you're simply not paying attention. This enterprise-oriented Note7 review details the high-end Android phone's many enterprise strengths and spotlights a few shortcomings.

Written by Al Sacco01 Sept. 16 03:43

6 things you'll love about the Moto Z Droids — and 6 you won't

The new Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Droid Force are now available on Verizon networks. They’re some of the strongest Android phones on the market. Should you buy one? These 12 pros and cons could make or break your decision.

Written by Al Sacco29 July 16 21:31

Is the 'rugged' Galaxy S7 Active worth an extra $100?

The latest 'ruggedized' smartphone from Samsung is now available, and it packs a ton of high-end features in a hardened form factor that's built to last. But should you go rugged or choose the more stylish and affordable Galaxy S7?

Written by Al Sacco01 July 16 21:30

Dell Latitude 7370 business ultrabook doesn't sacrifice style

Dell's Latitude 7370 ultrabook is a portable and versatile business-focused laptop, but it is also sleek and offers a variety of extensive configuration options. This in-depth Latitude 7370 review details the device's many strengths, as well as some unfortunate shortcomings.

Written by Paul Mah30 June 16 23:13

7 must-have wireless charging gadgets

These seven wireless charging devices can make powering up much less painful. Most are relatively affordable and they're great gifts for your loved ones — or for you.

Written by Al Sacco17 Nov. 15 00:43

4 things you'll love about the Samsung GS6 active (and 4 things you'll hate)

Last April, Samsung, king of the Android castle, released its two latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and the flashy, curvaceous Galaxy S6 edge. I spent nearly two months with each device, and then I wrote an enterprise-oriented review. To sum up that evaluation in a single sentence, I really like the GS6 phones, but they are, or were at the time, plagued by a "glaring Achilles heel."

Written by Al Sacco22 July 15 23:42

Hands on with Thalmic Labs' Myo gesture control armband

Today's world of wearable technology is packed with gimmicky gizmos designed to grab eyeballs and then quietly fade into cyberspace. Companies such as Thalmic Labs are working to cut through the noise and develop useful, innovative gadgets that demonstrate the promise of wearables to consumers and enterprises.

Written by Al Sacco16 June 15 00:01

Galaxy S6 edge an impressive enterprise phone -- with one big exception

Samsung, one of the largest and most popular Android partners, has slowly been making inroads in enterprise. Last month, the company released its two new flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, which are identical except for the GS6 edge's curved display and slightly larger battery.

Written by Al Sacco12 May 15 01:05

Can Microsoft's new Surface 3 replace your notebook?

Microsoft wants you to abandon your preconceived notions of a laptop and embrace the Surface as more than just a tablet. In fact, Microsoft wants you to ditch your cumbersome notebook and one-dimensional tablet -- presumably your iPad -- and replace them with one device: the Surface 3. But even with an adjustable kickstand and full Windows 8.1, can the Surface 3 compete with a traditional notebook, or tablet for that matter?

Written by By Sarah K. White02 May 15 01:19

Asus ZenBook UX305 vs. Dell XPS 13: Thin, light and powerful

If Apple's new 12-in. Retina MacBook is any indication, the laptop is no longer considered an endangered species -- as long as it's slim and lightweight. However, while the new MacBook is extraordinarily portable and comes with an impressive display, it's garnered a bit of criticism because of its single USB port (which does double duty as a power port) and lack of SD card slots. On the other hand, two new Windows 8.1 systems have recently shipped that not only push the thin-and-light envelope, but offer enough features to make them suitable for both personal and business use.

Written by Brian Nadel18 March 15 02:07

Hands On With the New Samsung Galaxy S6, GS6 edge

Today, Samsung officially announced its two latest smartphones, the Galaxy S6 (GS6) and Galaxy S6 edge, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I couldn't make the trip to Spain for the company's big fête, but I did meet with Samsung last week in New York City, where it detailed both new devices and gave me hands-on time with them.

Written by Al Sacco03 March 15 07:07

BlackBerry Classic Review: A Killer Smartphone for Keyboard Lovers

If you're still using a BlackBerry smartphone with a "physical" QWERTY keyboard, or if you've switched platforms but still harbor fantasies about a return to the good old days when you didn't spend as much time cursing your on-screen keypad as you do typing on it, the BlackBerry Classic is the smartphone you've been waiting for.

Written by Al Sacco19 Dec. 14 07:48

Fitbit Surge Fitness Watch Early Hands-On Review

On Dec. 4, I received an "exclusive limited release" email offer from Fitbit to become "one of the first" people to buy its new, $250 Surge fitness watch. Surge isn't supposed to be released until early 2015, so I jumped at the chance to try Fitbit's top-of-the-line activity/sleep tracker.

Written by James A. Martin11 Dec. 14 02:53

A Must-Have Galaxy Note 4 Accessory for Business Travelers

Back in January 2013, BlackBerry gave me its first BlackBerry 10 smartphone, the Z10, for review. It also gave me a "reviewer's kit" composed of a number of accessories: a case, screen cleaner cloth and a "battery charger bundle," among other things.

Written by Al Sacco11 Nov. 14 03:09
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