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Google's former 'Glass at Work' chief talks smartglasses in the enterprise

In April, Google launched "Glass at Work," a program that certifies Glass-related products and services from third-party vendors for use in enterprise environments. The company last month announced its first five official "Glass at Work" partners and took some significant steps toward legitimising its Glass smartglasses in the enterprise.

Written by Al Sacco09 July 14 09:41

CIOs must adapt or risk being replaced

Michael Keithley has more than two decades of experience as a CIO. However, the IT veteran says he's seeing more change now than ever before.'s Tom Kaneshige sat down with Keithley to talk about the challenges he and his colleagues face, the need to speak the same language as the business side and the reality of what lies ahead for CIOs who refuse to change their approach.

Written by Tom Kaneshige13 May 14 03:04

NFL's CIO Looks to Improve Fan Experience With In-Stadium Tech

NFL CIO Michelle McKenna-Doyle talks about plans to encourage NFL teams to deploy Wi-Fi and analytics engines in their stadiums. The goal is to improve the in-stadium experience, to allow fans the ability to use their mobile devices to consume more football content and share the experience.

Written by Lauren Brousell21 Jan. 14 13:35

The Grill: Guess CIO Michael Relich takes on his dream job: COO

As executive vice president and CIO at Guess Inc., Michael Relich oversaw the retailer's global IT strategy and a worldwide IT staff of more than 100 people. His nine-year tenure in the position earned him a spot as one of four finalists for the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium's CIO Leadership Award for 2013. Relich's work also earned him a nod from Guess CEO and co-founder Paul Marciano, who in August named him the company's new COO. In announcing Relich's appointment, Marciano cited his strong operational skills, strategic vision and leadership in retail technology.

Written by Mary K. Pratt16 Dec. 13 22:58

What Does iOS 7 Bring to the BYOD Party?

Apple's first rule about enterprise features: 'You don't talk about enterprise features.' While you may not hear it from Cupertino, BYOD features abound in iOS 7 and, according to AirWatch's Blake Brannon, they are 'as innovative as we've seen from Apple.'

Written by Tom Kaneshige27 Aug. 13 00:00

Assessing BlackBerry CEO's July 2012 Predictions of Success

In July 2012, I had a long, thoughtful chat with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins about everything BlackBerry. Our conversation came at a crucial time for the company. The BlackBerry 10 OS had already been delayed multiple times, the company was at the center of endless doom-and-gloom rumors and Heins, who took on the chief executive reins just six months earlier, had a whole lot to prove. (Read the full Q&A with Heins here.)

Written by Al Sacco22 Aug. 13 14:58

Will BYOD Give Rise to the Enterprise Genius Bar?

As the evasion of consumer tech changes IT, it makes sense that support for consumer devices would start to reflect the retail experience. Think Apples Genius Bar. Mike Burgio of Inergex, an IT services firm, talks about why IT leaders need to think about hitting the bar.

Written by Tom Kaneshige01 July 13 17:38

Killing the Help Desk Softly - or Blowing It Up

A "bring your own support" movement is sprouting up within BYOD programs as employees become more self-sufficient. Is this a death knell for the IT help desk? One possible savior: an enterprise Genius Bar.

Written by Tom Kaneshige22 March 13 18:26

Apple Expert Details How to Keep iPad Enterprise Migrations in Check

There's no easy path to iPad adoption and a bogged-down iPad pilot program can spell disaster. Apple could be more helpful to businesses, but there are ways to simplify complicated iPad migrations. Here's what a tech services firm learned while helping Cablevision configure 3,000 iPads.

Written by Tom Kaneshige08 Feb. 13 22:06

Dell Software CIO says BYOD is not about devices

For Dell Software CIO Carol Fawcett, "BYOD" is not about being an expert on every mobile device in the world; it's about giving workers secure access to the apps and data they need on whatever device they are using.

Written by Tom Kaneshige05 Dec. 12 20:10

Innovation can start far from home

A Dartmouth faculty member suggests that CIOs can get fresh ideas from emerging economies, but it requires a new way of thinking

Written by Kim S. Nash15 Sept. 12 21:12

Enterprises must collaborate and get social now (or pay later)

Jacob Morgan, author of 'The Collaborative Organization,' speaks passionately about what collaboration can do both inside and outside the enterprise. talked to Morgan about the emerging trend and why it's important to act now.

Written by Kristin Burnham09 July 12 18:30

Microsoft Q&A: With Windows 8, the choice is yours

Day two at Microsoft TechEd 2012 was all about Windows 8. caught up with Windows corporate VP Antoine Leblond, who discussed why CIOs should test Windows 8, why developers should love it, and why we'll all be touching our laptop screens sooner than we think.

Written by Shane O'Neill12 June 12 16:33

Google's software-defined/OpenFlow backbone drives WAN links to 100 per cent utilization

Google, an early backer of software-defined networking and OpenFlow, shared some details at the recent Open Networking Summit about how the company is using the technology to link 12 worldwide data centers over 10G links. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix caught up with Google Principal Engineer Amin Vahdat to learn more.

Written by John Dix07 June 12 19:52

Rohan Davidson, CIO Rio Tinto Iron Ore

As CIO of Rio Tinto’s Iron Ore group Rohan Davidson plays a critical role in overseeing the IT requirements of the operations the mining company owns and manages across North America and Australia. In Western Australia’s Pilbarra region alone, for example, Rio Tinto operates a network of 14 mines, three shipping terminals and the largest privately owned heavy freight railway in Australia, which spans 1400 kilometres.

Written by Matt Rodgers08 Dec. 11 14:17

NBN Co CIO: The IT leadership strategy of Australia’s new telco - Part 2

NBN Co’s tasks are split between network construction and business-as-usual telecommunications, and few of the company’s employees could map out the same 20-year careers at the company that often herald the same position at Telstra. They share much of the history, however; many of the staff hired so far herald from chief executive, Mike Quigley’s own alma mater — Alcatel-Lucent — as well as a range of Australian and international telcos.

Written by James Hutchinson16 Aug. 11 08:00

NBN Co CIO: The IT leadership strategy of Australia’s new telco - Part 1

NBN Co has a head start that would leave many telcos green with envy. Armed with $27 billion in government funding, and at least $9 billion from debt markets, the two-yearold National Broadband Network wholesaler has the resources and backing that could catapult it ahead many of its decadesold equivalents. That’s not to say the challenge before the organisation isn’t any less daunting; within the decade NBN Co is set to change broadband in Australia. The monopoly wholesaler is bound by carefully worded legislation to provide equal access to many of those it will compete with on a shiny fibre-to-the-home network, and satellite and wireless offshoots. Best of all, the company is starting with a clean slate.

Written by James Hutchinson15 Aug. 11 11:04

Q&A with Richard Stallman

Free software is a different beast from gratis software. Free software activist, Richard Stallman, discusses the importance of freedom across all modes of computing.

Written by Renai LeMay11 Aug. 10 11:32
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