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How blockchain makes self-sovereign identities possible

Who are you? And who decides you’re really you and can be trusted? The answer, and the systems involved, differ in the real world and online. But blockchain technology could make establishing identity and trust much easier for everyone. Here’s how.

Written by Phillip Windley10 Jan. 18 22:12

Answering the WannaCry wake-up call

Organizations can take steps to better protect themselves from future disruptions from ransomware.

Written by By Selena J. Linde, T. Markus Funk, Todd M. Hinnen and Jonathan G. Hardin30 May 17 21:35

The WannaCry scramble

A widespread ransomware attack propagating as a worm was a legitimate cause of alarm.

Written by By Mathias Thurman26 May 17 03:05

WannaCry: Sometimes you can blame the victims

Last week’s big malware outbreak caused a lot of damage, but organizations that made good decisions ahead of time weren’t affected.

Written by Ira Winkler16 May 17 22:46

With security awareness, money talks

One problem with what we tell employees about taking security precautions is that the precautions interfere with their jobs.

Written by Evan Schuman10 May 17 21:00

Email, email, in the cloud

The transition from on-premises to cloud-based email is an opportunity to tighten security controls.

Written by By Mathias Thurman08 May 17 20:45