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Bot attacks costing companies $2M per breach

About 90 per cent of credential abuse attacks are delivered from within Australia through local ISP networks, according to a report.

Written by CIO Staff16 April 19 14:57

Eugene Kaspersky: Mistrust makes us stronger

​As the drummers in LED-studded military uniforms exit the stage at the opening ceremony of Kaspersky Lab's Singapore summit, on walks Eugene Kaspersky in a blue linen shirt, jeans and trainers, an SLR camera slung round his neck.

Written by George Nott15 April 19 12:17

Internet pioneer Paul Vixie: Build roads, not walls

​'Are you an optimist?' was the question put to Paul Vixie last week at Kaspersky's security analyst summit in Singapore, when he took to the stage to receive the security company's 'MVP' award.

Written by George Nott15 April 19 09:37

The 'super easy' way to hack a Swede's email account

When you forget your Gmail password, and have two factor authentication (2FA) enabled, Google will SMS or call you with a six to eight digit code. You enter the code (Google calls this 2-step verification) and gain access to your account.

Written by George Nott12 April 19 09:00

Triton intrusion discovered at second industrial facility

​Intrusion activity attributed to the same group which attacked the industrial safety systems of a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia in 2017 has been uncovered at a second facility, security researchers have confirmed.

Written by George Nott10 April 19 15:31

The 10 top tech trends in education this year

Gartner has identified 10 strategic technologies CIOs in the higher education sector need to get their heads around this year to support their transformation activities and differentiate their organisations from competitors.

Written by Lilia Guan27 March 19 11:28

How to hack your own Wi-Fi network

Attempting to "hack" into your own wireless network can help you spot potential Wi-Fi security vulnerabilities and figure out ways to protect against them.

Written by Eric Geier26 March 19 16:05
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