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All hyper-converged solutions are not created equal

Hyper-converged solutions can differ vendor to vendor and market to market. Columnist Rob Enderle writes that there are four categories of hyper-converged solutions.

Written by Rob Enderle02 April 16 04:33

Getting real about information governance

An enterprise <a href="">information governance</a> (IG) program is supposed to help organizations reduce costs and risk while improving access to valuable information, but most mature enterprises find the idea of implementing such a program to be daunting. It doesn't have to be. By understanding the true value to the enterprise of information assets, and by taking a simple, step-by-step approach to making the necessary changes, effective IG can become a reality.

Written by By Jason Federoff19 Dec. 14 00:06

12 industry disaster scenarios

The end of the world may or may not be nigh, but in the tech industry, many of these possibilities could easily become reality

Written by Andrew C. Oliver11 Oct. 12 10:12

Joel Capperella: Attract talent by building the IT community at large

If you invest in the development of IT professionals outside your company, you help improve the level of talent in the entire IT ecosystem -- and, in turn, the quality of candidates who apply for your jobs, says Yoh's Joel Capperella.

Written by Joel Capperella18 June 12 10:06

John Reed: Invest in your IT talent; it's the key to retention

Businesses that cut training and development during the recession will be challenged to recruit IT professionals to help them grow as the economy improves. Robert Half Technology's John Reed offers tips for stepping up professional development efforts for IT staffers.

Written by John Reed18 June 12 10:06

Publisher's Letter: How CIOs can help build IT talent for the future

Many in the US are concerned about the talent gap between American students and similarly-aged students overseas when it comes to math and science skills. This is a real problem for our economy and security. But CIOs can help by reaching out to guidance councelors and educating them about jobs in IT.

Written by Gary Beach08 June 12 12:53

Used IPv4 addresses need a ‘vehicle history check’

Before buying a used car, prospective buyers can review vehicle histories in most states of Australia through a service such as the NSW Roads & Traffic Authority’s Vehicle History Check. The histories include information about how many owners the vehicle has had, whether it has been written off or stolen and other information that helps consumers understand the risks of purchasing the car. Now that new IPv4 addresses are history, there is a developing market for acquiring ‘used’ IPv4 addresses. And like used cars, there are risks involved in acquiring these used addresses. So, where is the Vehicle History Check for IPv4 addresses?

Written by Qing Li10 June 11 10:08

Five lessons learned about computer security

Reformed hacker-turned-security-consultant Kevin Mitnick served five years in federal prison for breaking into phone and software company networks. He talks about his past hacking exploits, computer security, and how he turned an illegal hobby into a useful career.

Written by Jarina D'Auria16 July 08 11:15

If You Build It (Right), IT Will Work

Take off your CIO hat for a moment and imagine you're in charge of building a new housing development. The first thing you'd do is hire an architectural firm to create a master plan. Then you'd bring in the builders. They'd take the blueprint and build your development, hewing to the architectural vision. Now, put your CIO hat back on. This analogy - offered by Michael Rapken, CIO of transportation company YRC Worldwide - is worth internalizing as you construct your IT department today.

Written by Carrie Mathews11 Dec. 06 13:15

Inside the Software Testing Quagmire

Software testing reveals the human failings behind the code. That's why it can become a never-ending exercise in denial. Here are five questions that you can ask to help you cut through to testing's root problems.

Written by Paul Garbaczeski03 Feb. 06 14:32

Meeting Real Needs

It's time for government IT purchasers to start taking open source solutions seriously.

Written by Senator Brian Greig07 Oct. 03 15:31

The Voodoo Economics Behind Utility Computing

The whole marketing idea behind information utilities is that their data and transactions - much like water and electricity - are available whenever you need a sip or want a jolt

Written by Michael Schrage11 June 03 14:19

IT Architecture Matters

IT architectures are enjoying a renaissance. CIOs are updating yesterday's architectures, or working on creating new ones. The reason? IT architectures promise benefits that are more sought after than ever. But they are not always easy to explain to your non-IT colleagues

Written by Dr Marianne Broadbent09 Oct. 02 09:30
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