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How IT innovation and mobility empower Unilever

Rod Hefford, CIO for Global Customer Development and Supply Chain at Unilever, discusses they key goals of their Compass strategy, how IT is organized to drive innovation globally. Hefford also explains how mobility is empowering Unilever to respond to changing market conditions and customer needs, and is fostering a virtuous cycle of improvement.

Written by John Gallant21 Aug. 12 20:54

Security and Google Apps

An indepth discussion about patching, Cloud computing and how Google deals with security incidents

Written by Georgina Swan22 Aug. 11 22:36

How IT Helped Catch the Jewellery Thief

A jewellery store chain is having much better luck catching burglars in real time, thanks to a little help from the IT side of the house. Loss Prevention Manager Dennis Thomas explains how the company built its high-tech command center from scratch.

Written by Bill Brenner13 Nov. 08 11:52

GM's Cure for Complexity

GM CTO Tony Scott tells how his IT group achieves simplicity and ROI by mapping business functionalities and requirements to its IT systems. But Scott never lets his business peers know it's called "enterprise architecture".

Written by CIO Staff06 Oct. 04 11:33
  • How are businesses harnessing the power of AI?

    Rather than the tendency to view AI as a threat that can eliminate the need for human input and employment, some argue technology can assist and enhance business processes and digital marketing efforts.

    Southern Cross University

    With over 20 years of accredited experience, Southern Cross University Online is one of Australia’s pioneers in online postgraduate education, with over 5,000 enrolled students.

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