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Can open source be a kick starter for mobile in the enterprise?

In the face of an explosion in demand for responsiveness at-scale, high-availability and security, IBM's Wesley McDonald discusses how modern IT professionals are feeling pressures to build solutions based on open source technology.

Written by Wesley McDonald15 Dec. 15 12:18

Today’s state of work: The productivity drain

The Internet has created radical changes in our personal lives. We now live in a “consumerised” online world where we shop for products and services with a few taps on a smartphone.

Written by David Oakley09 July 15 11:25

Five trends affecting legal CIOs

The ongoing economic instability plaguing developed economies has impacted many vertical markets and the legal sector is no exception. Law firms need to innovate and grow despite reduced demand.

Written by Nick Dunford and Monica Le-Nguyen24 Feb. 14 16:16

CIOs in the Public Sector Face Roadblocks to Data Center Consolidation

Amid a White House directive to scale back underused data centers, an effort that will take years to complete, federal CIOs begin to tackle the challenges involved. Among those challenges are incomplete inventories and cost concerns.

Written by Kenneth Corbin03 Oct. 13 18:12

New Role for the CIO: Chief Process Officer?

CIO's Publisher Adam Dennison wonders why all the burdens of IT process-creating and policy-making for new technologies must fall on the CIO's shoulders. Should vendors be stepping up to help?

Written by Adam Dennison28 Aug. 13 12:52

5 reasons to build an enterprise mobile app store

IT departments can keep employees from using malware-infested mobile apps by creating an internal store of company-approved apps. The store can also collect feedback from users about their preferences.

Written by Lauren Brousell30 April 13 19:38

In security response, practice makes perfect

We've heard it many times in many forms -- expect to be breached, expect that you've been breached, expect that you are being breached.

Written by Sean Martin, a CISSP and the founder of imsmartin02 Oct. 12 19:45

DR in the cloud: Vendors jump in; enterprises wade

Disaster recovery and the cloud should be a match made in heaven. Take a function that enterprises love to hate and address it with an outsourced, efficient cloud service that makes it easier and less expensive to reach recoverable nirvana, and presto - instant success. Well, not so fast.

Written by Brandon Butler27 Sept. 12 10:28

Questions to ask your cloud disaster recovery provider

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is a blossoming area of DR and cloud computing. But because it's in its early days, many customers may not know exactly what to look for when shopping around.

Written by Brandon Butler27 Sept. 12 10:28

Is your disaster recovery plan ready for cloud?

Having successfully piloted cloud usage with SaaS applications such as CRM and ERP, many businesses are now looking to replace traditional on-site backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions with cloud-based DR. Gartner predicts that more than 30% of midsize companies will have adopted DR in the cloud or recovery-as-a-service by 2014. That begs the question: Is your business ready to make the leap?

Written by Patrick Sweeney, Dell SonicWALL12 Sept. 12 15:35

Preparing your organisation for BYOD

While the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend has gained momentum among enterprises, it has also plagued CIOs with a range of technical as well as cultural issues making the execution of BYOD concepts somewhat complicated.

Written by Chris Gacesa05 Sept. 12 15:28

The promise and lie of big data

The term Big Data is everywhere these days, there’s no doubt about it. When I meet with CIOs, big data is often named as one of the top trends shaping their IT agendas for 2012, along with cloud and mobility.

Written by Rhys Evans27 Aug. 12 09:50

Creating an effective multi-generational team

A major leadership challenge for CIOs is attracting, developing and retaining a talented, functioning, multi-generational team.

Written by Oliver Descoeudres24 Aug. 12 11:01

The rise of the chief process officer

Processes are vital to organisations. They need to be treated as business assets and need to be managed and controlled. True process excellence goes further. It aligns an organisation’s entire business infrastructure — which includes people, IT, equipment and resources — to the core processes of the business.

Written by Geoff Denyer22 Aug. 12 10:40

Rethink mobile app development: Re-use rather than rip and replace

There is no question that mobile use is on the increase. According to Telsyte, nearly 90 per cent of all mobile phone users in Australia will have a smartphone as their primary device in 2015, up from just under 50 per cent in 2011. That equates to 18.5 million smartphone users.

Written by Bruce Craig20 July 12 08:00

Cloud lessons learned

Cloud adopters who are coming to the end of their initial three-year contracts may be intending either to change providers, or renew. Some now have strong opinions on what they liked – or didn’t like – about their Cloud experience and may be looking to do things a little differently this time around.

Written by Dave Stevens17 July 12 12:00

What you need to know about disaster recovery in the Cloud

While we all know how important it is to have a good disaster recovery (DR) plan in place, many of us still need to get our heads around this. Traditional disaster recovery planning can generally be expensive to implement and this has been a key inhibitor to many CIOs putting DR planning on their organisation’s must-do list.

Written by Steve Stavridis09 July 12 13:32

Time travellers in technology

I recently saw a Sci-Fi show where two time travellers had paths that crossed repeatedly through time. These intertwined timelines were travelling in mutually opposite directions: One time traveller’s past was the other’s future. Like the Sci-Fi show, ICT solutions can also travel in two directions, often at the same time.

Written by David Fenton06 July 12 16:36
  • Security-driven networking: Automated, integrated, adaptive

    Your security profile has to be as fast and adaptable as your DX-enabled network. It’s the only way to deliver consistent security across cloud, software-defined or virtualised networks. Fortinet’s ANZ senior regional director Jon McGettigan explains how.


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