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Do leaders create a great company culture -- or vice versa?

CIO's Publisher Adam Dennison contends that great leadership and a thriving company culture ultimately support one another, and pays tribute to the legacy of IDG's late Chairman Patrick J. McGovern.

Written by Adam Dennison29 April 14 22:53

CIOs Struggle with the Great Talent Hunt

Finding IT pros with business skills has always been a bear. So award-winning CIOs are taking radical steps to train, recruit or grow the hybrid staff they covet.

Written by Stephanie Overby01 May 13 13:10

8 IT Healthcare Trends for Tech Job Seekers in 2013

IT Healthcare is moving at a staggering pace. To help you stay ahead of the curve as the new year approaches, spoke with CIOs and healthcare IT experts about trends to look out for in 2013.

Written by Rich Hein13 Nov. 12 14:51

A new era of IT transformation

The days of large IT transformation projects are over. In their place will be a new kind of IT transformation: smaller in scale, near-constant and more responsive to business needs — but with vast potential to revolutionise how IT is used by enterprises.

Written by CIO Staff06 Dec. 11 07:39

5 things CIOs should consider before purchasing a retail system

Anyone in the retail industry will tell you that times are tough. Margins are tight and competition is fierce. Low consumer confidence, the absence of economic stimulus, and consecutive rises in interest rates did not help Christmas sales figures, resulting in shoppers spending less than the year before. In 2010, the main thing CIOs need to ensure is that their IT systems don’t impede their ability to handle the difficult economic environment. The systems must work reliably, must be cost effective, and must support the business in its efforts to move ahead. The essential importance of these factors are often overlooked.

Written by Andrew Gorecki08 April 10 10:05

Is 2010 the year of location-based services?

Dr Giles Nelson, director of strategy at Progress Software, says 2010 is the year location-based services finally become mainstream.

Written by Giles Nelson29 Jan. 10 07:51

2010: Investment in innovation will be back

Dr Giles Nelson, director of strategy at Progress Software, looks forward to innovation firmly coming back onto the agenda as the global upturn begins.

Written by Giles Nelson29 Dec. 09 09:36

Vendor View: Mergers, Acquisitions and Surprises

Mergers and acquisitions usually pass through six stages. Allen Shatten, proprietor of information technology planning company Lattice IT, explaining why cost-savings targets are often not met -- and what can happen when CIOs sign off before completing the necessary homework.

Written by Allen Shatten12 Oct. 09 10:43

Vendor View: Three steps to lowering IT costs

Roger Mannett, Marketing Director for NetApp in Australia and New Zealand, advises CIOs on how to do more with less -- without compromising business outcomes.

Written by Roger Mannett12 Oct. 09 12:14

Vendor View: The CIO juggling act

The evolution of the influence of the CIO is leading to a juggling act; there are now three pairs of roles that a CIO must fulfil in order to drive business forward and continue to maintain operations.

Written by Martin Stubbs-Race08 Oct. 09 11:12

Vendor View: Why ITIL is gaining traction in Australia

Australian CIOs who are adopting ITIL in their IT departments are seeing productivity benefits, higher customer satisfaction and better alignment of IT with business objectives.

Written by Tim Dickinson08 Sept. 09 15:14

ANSTO CIO's six tips for ITIL success

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) CIO Michael Beckett offers his tips for deploying ITIL effectively.

Written by CIO Staff05 Aug. 09 10:51