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Mergers & acquisitions: The first 100 days

It is day one of the acquisition and executive reputations are on the line. Are you prepared? Have you revised your current organisation commitments and reviewed organisational priorities with colleagues?

Written by Evan Thomas06 Feb. 12 13:15

IT risk: More rhetoric than action

Several recent spectacular IT system failures causing millions of dollars impact on pre-tax profit indicate the framework to identify and treat risks in organisations is more rhetoric than action, according to industry specialists Dean Slight, Chief Audit Executive and Devan Naidoo, Head of Audit for Technology at Tabcorp.

Written by CIO Staff28 Sept. 11 16:41

Social media - part 3

We like our risk management, don’t we? It allows us to identify risks, and take action to mitigate them. Risk Management can and should be applied to social media usage. It makes good sense to manage the risk by having a very clear social media policy.

Written by Breed Lewis12 March 11 10:00
  • Security-driven networking: Automated, integrated, adaptive

    Your security profile has to be as fast and adaptable as your DX-enabled network. It’s the only way to deliver consistent security across cloud, software-defined or virtualised networks. Fortinet’s ANZ senior regional director Jon McGettigan explains how.


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