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CIO head-to-head: To own or not to own?

We ask three CIOs if they still own, or are accountable for, IT governance when line of business functions are increasing their knowledge and use of technology services.

Written by CIO Staff22 April 14 09:20

An insider's guide to change management

Change management is one of the key skills CIOs need if they’re to help their organisation embrace new ways of working. Divina Paredes speaks with several IT leaders who have headed transformation projects to find out more.

Written by Divina Paredes17 April 14 10:32

The neuroscience of leadership

A project to improve leadership by understanding human brain functions is underway at the NeuroLeadership Institute in Sydney.

Written by Hamish Barwick05 March 14 11:13

New data privacy laws: What you need to do to comply

In just over a month, Australia will have a new set of data privacy laws with harsh financial penalties for individuals and companies found guilty of serious information breaches.

Written by Byron Connolly10 Feb. 14 11:07

Unravelling the IT productivity paradox

“You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics”, Nobel prize winning economist Robert Solow said way back in 1987.

Written by Daniel Lock25 Nov. 13 14:02

Are project consultants worth the money?

To bastardise author Jane Austen, “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a well-heeled client in possession of a good cash flow must be in want of an expensive consultant.”

Written by Corinne Forrest01 Oct. 13 16:12

University of Adelaide embarks on 10-year IT journey

The University of Adelaide has begun its 10-year IT transform program with plans for a campus centre where teaching staff, technology trainers and librarians can work on digital content development.

Written by Hamish Barwick25 Sept. 13 12:26

Fail fast to keep up: Microsoft

On day one of TechEd, the Microsoft mantra was that failing fast is the best way to succeed.

Written by Adam Bender04 Sept. 13 09:00

Why does IT exist?

The fundamental information within an organisation is way more important than any of the technology used to manage that information. This is what the ‘I’ in CIO represents, writes Geoff Lazberger. So how do you impress upon the executive team the real value of information?

Written by Geoff Lazberger15 Aug. 13 06:58

Can infrastructure be Agile?

Agile is still most commonly associated with software development projects, but the management methods and culture change of Agile don't have to be limited to delivering working code to internal or external customers.

Written by Rohan Pearce20 June 13 16:29

CIOs still acting as IT managers: Gartner

CIOs are focusing on digital technologies to drive business transformation but are still ‘stuck in a rut’ of managing day-to-day administrative IT activities, according to a new global CIO survey by research firm Gartner.

Written by Rebecca Merrett17 Jan. 13 14:51

How to avoid “always-on” fatigue

Managing the temptation for your IT staff to be constantly online to ensure they don’t burn out and make costly mistakes requires good management and personal responsibility.

Written by Rachel Sullivan08 Jan. 13 11:00

Q&A: ANZ Banking Group CIO, Anne Weatherston

Shifting ANZ Banking Group from an Australian and New Zealand centric bank to a super-regional Asia Pacific financial services entity while implementing new technology is Anne Weatherston’s top priority for the next five years.

Written by Hamish Barwick15 Nov. 12 11:26

The change advocate

At a time when many organisations are undergoing a significant amount of change, executives are finding themselves having to manage change weary staff through both change and their operational portfolios.

Written by David Elkin14 May 12 11:48

Companies respond to Aussie worker mobility fatigue: Survey

Some office staff members in Australia are seeking to reclaim normal working hours by turning off devices and not checking work emails at home, according to a survey conducted by NorthgateArinso.

Written by Hamish Barwick04 May 12 11:30

Q&A: Indigenous Land Corporation CIO, Tim Price

Tim Price has been chief information officer of Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) since 2007. He was previously geographical information systems officer for ILC before becoming CIO, and has been with the organisation for 13 years.

Written by Rebecca Merrett05 April 12 14:15

Technology perspectives for CIOs

David Smith has an enviable job title. The global chief innovation and technology officer at Fujitsu has held both CIO and CTO roles during his six years with the organisation. He has also run the transformation practice across Europe and headed up service delivery. He sat down with CIO to talk about the challenges facing IT leaders today and their implications for tomorrow.

Written by Georgina Swan28 Feb. 12 09:48

Doing reorganisation right

When I interview candidates for positions I've been hired to fill, I typically ask them to whom they currently report. I cannot tell you how often they respond, "That depends, what day of the week is it?" IT professionals are as likely as anyone to invest a tremendous amount of meaning in their titles, their headcount and their reporting lines, and CIOs who reorganize too often (or poorly) are in danger of losing talent. The CIOs below have found ways around that.

Written by Martha Heller17 Dec. 11 01:43

Aussie businesses need to be prepared for merger and acquisition deals

Once so-called ‘new technology’ companies are now playing an integral role in the ‘real economy’ and dominant technology sector players are taking a more aggressive approach to acquiring products, capacity and market share through merger and acquisition (M&A) activity.

Written by Malcolm McBratney & Reece Walker21 Nov. 11 10:01
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