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6 mindsets of culture transformation

The culture of your organisation will determine its success. It’s the environment that you create that is either supporting your vision, mission, goals, and purpose or it’s the environment that you are fighting against while pursuing these.

Written by Lou Markstrom29 June 15 11:50

Innovative leadership: How to claim digital victory

Steve Jobs once said that innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. By this standard, Australia is full of followers, all in desperate need of leadership. In the second of a three-part series, this article discusses how leaders can drive true digital transformation.

Written by Bonnie Gardiner14 May 15 13:04

How to stop 5 catastrophic corporate practices

All too often I have seen businesses repeat catastrophic mistakes when implementing strategic initiatives. Here are the five most common mistakes that companies regularly make thinking they are best practices.

Written by Rob Enderle16 Feb. 15 13:00

How to best analyse your IT

CIO talks to Eugene Talasch, principal at ET Business Solutions, about how to measure IT spend, negotiate lower costs, and ensure value is being maintained in long term technology contracts.

Written by CIO Staff10 Feb. 15 11:24

Living the strategy dream

Investing and building a new corporate strategy can't just be about planning or theorising, it also requires a healthy dose of change management and review.

Written by Fi Slaven16 Dec. 14 16:57

How to smash it as a project sponsor

Project management greatness awaits those who can master governance, use an agile development environment, motivate teams, take planning seriously, and pick the right manager.

Written by Colin Ellis27 Nov. 14 10:33

6 essential steps for managing vendors

Gartner once predicted that in the future, an IT career will not be about technology but rather managing a range of service providers.

Written by Lou Markstrom22 Sept. 14 16:57

Is process hampering your project success?

Project failures continue to occur despite the countless numbers of audits, reports, anecdotes, consultants and speeches in the public domain advising senior management on what not to do when it comes to project delivery.

Written by Colin Ellis15 Sept. 14 14:17

Can you handle change?

The one constant in today’s business world is change. It’s constant, inevitable and unending. The individuals and organisations that will rise to the top of the marketplace are the ones who can embrace, manage and lead change throughout an enterprise.

Written by Lou Markstrom21 Aug. 14 12:17

Do you need a transformation management office?

Queensland’s Department of Housing and Public Works has implemented a transformation management office to manage the many challenges involved in undertaking a whole-of-government procurement project.

Written by Corinne Forrest19 Aug. 14 10:26

How to implement effective SLAs

Before getting anywhere close to discussing the concept of service level agreements (SLAs) in IT service management (ITSM), there is one time-worn debate to straighten out.

Written by Phil Hearsum04 Aug. 14 08:57

Governance committees that actually work

Successful companies rely on tightly scripted meetings, objective analyses and decision frameworks to unite executives around a common vision.

Written by Corinne Forrest09 July 14 11:33

Companies not investing in IT governance

Australian organisations are seriously under-investing in IT governance particularly at a time when they are highly dependent on technology systems across all operations.

Written by Byron Connolly08 July 14 11:20

Why Canon Australia shunned activity-based working (well, kinda)

It may only be a five-minute walk from the company's old Australian headquarters, but when it comes to facilitating flexible working there's a million miles between Canon's old HQ and its new Sydney office, according to Ian Flemington, general manager of HR and communications.

Written by Rohan Pearce03 July 14 12:56

Cutting complexity in tech transformations

More IT programs fail than succeed. Although they begin with good intentions, they’re often late, over budget, and don't provide what is required.

Written by Pankaj Chitkara11 June 14 10:57

10 ways to become a business consultant

In the first of a series of monthly blogs, Lou Markstrom provides 10 useful tips on how IT pros can gain the consulting skills they need to succeed.

Written by Lou Markstrom22 April 14 13:21
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