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How effective leaders can make principled decisions

In your new book, The Leader's Checklist, you suggest leaders make a list of principles to review when making decisions. How does a checklist help a CIO, who has probably been leading a long time?

Written by Kim S. Nash29 Sept. 11 08:56

NBN Co CIO: The IT leadership strategy of Australia’s new telco - Part 1

NBN Co has a head start that would leave many telcos green with envy. Armed with $27 billion in government funding, and at least $9 billion from debt markets, the two-yearold National Broadband Network wholesaler has the resources and backing that could catapult it ahead many of its decadesold equivalents. That’s not to say the challenge before the organisation isn’t any less daunting; within the decade NBN Co is set to change broadband in Australia. The monopoly wholesaler is bound by carefully worded legislation to provide equal access to many of those it will compete with on a shiny fibre-to-the-home network, and satellite and wireless offshoots. Best of all, the company is starting with a clean slate.

Written by James Hutchinson15 Aug. 11 11:04
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