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Why a Center of Excellence is Key for Digital Transformation

Today every sector, every industry is affected by technology changes. Technology is getting more accessible and affordable for everyone. Technology lifecycles are getting faster, and disruptive innovation is becoming easier and cheaper.

Written by JP Gotter16 June 17 07:44

Analytics 50: Call for 2017 entries

Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business and will again honor 50 organizations that excel at using analytics to solve business challenges. If you have an innovative project, now’s the time to nominate it for an Analytics 50 award.

Written by Dan Muse04 March 17 08:08

Why are marketing automation platforms getting so much VC funding?

Software that aims to automate specific touch-points of the customer acquisition and retention processes have evolved into ubiquitous enterprise tools employed by marketing departments of virtually every size and industry.

Written by Philip Kushmaro07 Dec. 16 12:32

How analytics could end layoffs

By using analytics wisely, columnist Rob Enderle writes, layoffs could become obsolete.

Written by Rob Enderle02 Sept. 16 21:00

Clinton wins, how analytics cost Trump the election

Columnist Rob Enderle takes a look into the future, a future in which Hilary Clinton became president and Donald Trump didn’t. It all came down to analytics.

Written by Rob Enderle23 July 16 02:45

How analytics can prevent rather than explain tragedy

Columnist Rob Enderle writes that we are far more likely to use analytics badly and suggests that IT should take the reins to ensure the analytics process is as effective – and free of confirmation bias -- as possible.

Written by Rob Enderle18 June 16 05:03

Analytics: It’s not a silo, it’s a symphony

The business of extracting insights from data is no longer carried out by a chosen few who work their magic in the shadows of the business….

Written by Shawn Rogers19 May 16 09:12

How analytics are misused to support an agenda

Columnist Rob Enderle uses gun control to showcase how analytics is too often used to confirm bad decisions that were already made, rather than to help assure a good decision.

Written by Rob Enderle12 March 16 04:37

How Fiorina failed to use analytics to succeed in business and politics

The current presidential election showcases how Carly Fiorina failed to use tech to her advantage, writes columnist Rob Enderle. The inability or desire to learn the tools your company sells or that assure employee loyalty leads to failure in both business and politics.

Written by Rob Enderle13 Feb. 16 05:21

Fit the chart to the story, not the data

Finding the best chart to show your data is more about the stories contained within the data than it is about the data types. Knowing the guidelines for a data type is one thing, but the best articulation of the data depends on what the story is.

Written by Andy Cotgreave25 Aug. 15 01:22

Star Power: Lessons in recruiting from the world of sports

As a corporate technology recruiter and sister-in-law of an NFL Hall of Famer, I've had a front-row view of how star talent is recruited. Turns out, building a winning team is surprisingly similar in the corporate and sports worlds.--

Written by Kathy Harris14 Aug. 15 01:08

With data analytics, no more Pontiac Azteks

In their introduction to Arc 2.1: Exit Strategies, "Escaping reality," editors Simon Ings and Sumit Paul-Choudhury tell us that "ninety-six percent of the cosmos is ineffable" -- incapable of being expressed or described in words. In addition to reminding us of the widely accepted scientific fact that 96% of our universe is made up by yet-to-be-explained dark matter and dark energy, their point -- I think -- is that it is in our imagination (our ability to make stuff up) that the future lies.

Written by Thornton May21 April 15 03:52

Data analytics: Are we there yet?

Remember what travel was like before GPS? You could usually manage if you were traveling along familiar roads, but go on a long trip and it could get exciting. Which exit were we looking for? Had we passed the red barn? Did the gas station attendant say to turn after three lights or four? And let's not forget the kids in the back seat asking, "When will we get there?" Okay, that part hasn't changed, although the good news is that they can usually see the GPS screen too and answer their own questions.

Written by Stephen Balzac27 Jan. 15 03:03

How to Align Projects Management With Your Business Strategy

Project management office (PMO) professionals hold significant knowledge that can help ensure alignment for businesses focused on achieving their vision. In order for businesses of today to reach full operational effectiveness, C-suites will need to unlock the potential of their PMO resources.

Written by Moira Alexander23 Dec. 14 06:53

Watson shows the power of intelligent computing

At IBM's Think Forum in New York, CEO Ginni Rometty took us through the success and future of Watson, IBM's automated decision engine. This technology fascinates me because it's the first major step to change the basic computing paradigm.

Written by Rob Enderle11 Oct. 14 00:18

Accelerating your business performance

CIOs are under more pressure than ever to provide core applications and key services to the business as quickly as possible.

Written by CIO Staff03 Oct. 14 14:36
  • Security-driven networking: Automated, integrated, adaptive

    Your security profile has to be as fast and adaptable as your DX-enabled network. It’s the only way to deliver consistent security across cloud, software-defined or virtualised networks. Fortinet’s ANZ senior regional director Jon McGettigan explains how.


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