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Multitasking: An equal opportunity distraction

Even the strongest students can be no match for the distractions of multitasking, according to new research from Michigan State University.

Written by Bob Brown19 June 14 01:37

Career advice: Learn from your mistakes

Premier 100 IT Leader Doris Peek also answers questions on the value of education and of learning about the business.

Written by Doris Peek04 April 14 03:01

IT makeover: Creating an 'attraction strategy'

When the CEO asks the CIO to find a way to attract the business units to the IT function, with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue, the CIO realizes his staff is going to need some new skills.

Written by Al Kuebler27 Feb. 14 18:45

Career advice: What separates leaders from managers?

I'm a good manager and have been told so repeatedly in performance reviews. What more do I need to become a leader? This is a great question. Let's explore the differences between a manager and a leader.

Written by Mujib Lodhi04 Feb. 14 15:06

Career advice: Initiating change from below

Premier 100 IT Leader Randall Gaboriault also answers questions on the skills needed in QA and the wisdom of getting a doctorate.

Written by Randall Gaboriault16 Dec. 13 14:34

In Search of Next-Gen IT Talent

A new research project could help many CIOs and their HR and training departments better identify, recruit and retain quality IT talent, says publisher Adam Dennison.

Written by Adam Dennison31 Oct. 13 12:48
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