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How to get your kid into an elite computer science program

High school seniors are facing stiffer-than-ever competition when applying to the nation's top computer science programs this fall. But admissions officers and professors at elite tech schools can offer tips aimed at helping your child get accepted come spring.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan21 Nov. 11 22:31

Hottest major on campus? Computer science

The nation's best undergraduate computer science programs are bracing for a record number of applications this fall, as more high school seniors are lured by plentiful jobs, six-figure starting salaries and a hipster image fostered by the likes of <a href="">Steve Jobs</a> and <a href="">Mark Zuckerberg</a>.

Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan21 Nov. 11 22:31

CIO Summit Brisbane pictures

The CIO Summit is a unique opportunity for CIOs and IT professionals to acquire knowledge and insight from industry pundits as well as real–world experience on a variety of important topics concerning IT.

Written by Georgina Swan09 Nov. 11 14:28

Wi-Fi devices crowd 2.4GHz band; IT looks to 5GHz

Of the 470,000 Wi-Fi connections made on a recent day at Abilene Christian University, fully 94% used the 2.4GHz band, representing an extreme example of how today's surging number of Wi-Fi clients is crowding the band least able to accommodate them.

Written by John Cox24 Oct. 11 15:29

Mobility surges on US campuses; cloud technology lags

Colleges and universities have been aggressive in expanding campus mobility, but slower in shifting key systems to cloud computing, according to a new survey of IT in higher education.

Written by John Cox21 Oct. 11 02:30

Curtin Uni moves to Microsoft Cloud

Curtin University has moved its email and collaboration apps to Microsoft’s Cloud, with students now having anywhere anytime access to university files thanks to the rollout.

Written by Lisa Banks14 Sept. 11 08:37

ACSF joins govt program to foster R&D

The ACS Foundation has joined the ranks of the Federal Government’s Enterprise Connect, Researchers in Business program (RiB), with a focus to foster software development and research projects of small to medium ICT companies.

Written by Chloe Herrick12 Sept. 11 12:14

University tests ERP on new Dell cloud

University of Kentucky CIO Vince Kellen is considering moving some of the university's SAP work to a cloud environment, which would make him a relatively early adopter of ERP in the cloud.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau02 Sept. 11 01:20

Yale warns 43,000 about 10-month-long data breach

Yale University has notified about 43,000 faculty, staff, students and alumni that their names and Social Security numbers were publicly available via Google search for about 10 months.

Written by Jaikumar Vijayan23 Aug. 11 07:06

SaaS ERP is making the grade at Brown University

When powerful ERP applications are needed by growing businesses today, SaaS ERP is being looked at more and more as a viable option to traditional complex, expensive and labor-intensive packaged ERP suites. And while SaaS ERP is still young, in the right setting and with the right users, it's offering some eye-opening real world gains for a variety of organizations.

Written by Todd R. Weiss23 Aug. 11 09:40

Tech23: Education and the arts in the Cloud

Two unlikely industries &#8212; education and the arts -- have taken up two of the three spots in the Cloud computing category at the finals of the innovation awards at Tech23.

Written by Lisa Banks23 Aug. 11 14:19
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