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So you’re studying IT?

Young women studying information technology degrees at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) discuss the gender gap in their chosen industry and why computing is no longer the domain of geeky males.

Written by Byron Connolly14 Nov. 13 09:02

IT hiring goes multimedia

IT job seekers embrace social media, video and graphics to enhance their resumes and set themselves apart from other job applicants.

Written by Mary K. Pratt04 Nov. 13 10:05

How to keep your new IT hires from jumping ship

With IT talent hard to find and expensive to replace, smart companies are developing IT-specific onboarding programs to attract and retain top tech employees.

Written by Beth Stackpole21 Oct. 13 10:04

IT Skills Gap Is Really an Education Gap

In Part 2 of's three-part series on the technology skills gap in America, Gary Beach suggests that the issue is really an education gap. When it comes to math and science education, is the United States a nation at risk?

Written by Gary Beach15 Oct. 13 13:46

Who's Training the Next Generation of Data Scientists?

A projected shortage of qualified data scientists could leave U.S. businesses unable to tap the value of big data. To help meet that demand, the University of California at Berkeley has developed a master's degree program to train new data scientists.

Written by Sharon Florentine02 Oct. 13 13:19

Students Learn to Win With Gamification

As 30-somethings go back to college to earn a first or a new degree, they sometimes need a bit of a confidence boost to re-engage with learning. At Kaplan University, students are rewarded with badges and higher rankings on leaderboards as they master skills and accomplish goals.

Written by Lauren Brousell08 Aug. 13 13:51

Not-for-profit - Part 1

CIOs talk about the role technology plays in this vibrant sector.

Written by Tim Mendham15 April 11 06:00

UWS farewells public service veteran

After 20 years at the helm of information systems at the University of Western Sydney, IT director Mick Houlahan will retire this week. The trials of the past two decades, however, are likely to retain their mark on his for some time.

Written by James Hutchinson15 March 11 17:08

iPads garner favour in Australian education

Schools and universities right around Australia had jumped headfirst into trials of Apple's hyped iPad tablet as they rush to discover exactly what the device's use will be in the educational field — sometimes with the support of their overarching education departments, and sometimes without.

Written by Jenna Pitcher22 Sept. 10 15:30
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