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Why Steve Ballmer could fix the U.S. government

Columnist Rob Enderle writes that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has created a new organization called USAFacts to analyze and shed light on government spending and revenue.

Written by Rob Enderle21 April 17 22:53

A tale of two user experiences

The perception of software quality will be forged in the first 90 seconds. Don’t let your users experience what I had to go through.

Written by David Taber01 March 17 01:37

A potentially fatal blow against patent trolls

If law firms think they may be forced to pay defendants’ enormous legal bills, it could undermine the entire business model of patent trolls.

Written by Evan Schuman03 Jan. 17 22:00

The Trump train wreck fueled by confirmation bias

Donald Trump doesn’t believe in hard facts, writes Rob Enderle. Trump is essentially the living definition of confirmation bias, which is a company killer and will likely be the downfall of Trump.

Written by Rob Enderle06 Aug. 16 00:54

A SWOT analysis of Trump vs. Clinton

Competitive assessment takes the publicly known attributes of a product and compares it to its competition. Columnist Rob Enderle uses SWOT to compare and contrast Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

Written by Rob Enderle09 July 16 04:23

Can your CEO pass the digital strategy laugh test?

If Kim Kardashian can win a top spot in the App Store, Global 2000 CIOs ought to be held to high bar for delivering compelling digital experiences at scale. Here's a by-the-numbers look at competitive digital strategies.

Written by Bryan Kirschner31 March 16 05:24

Sub-optimal computer advice from the New York Times

Small businesses are hit by ransomware. The New York Times says they should increase their computer security. I say this misses the real problem: backup, backup, backup.

Written by Michael Horowitz15 Jan. 16 01:42

Cord cutting more attractive as streaming-video market heats up

As the new Apple TV hits store shelves, the cord cutting movement is gaining momentum thanks to an increasing number of attractive programming options and significant market developments involving Time Warner Cable and Comcast.

Written by Bill Snyder02 Nov. 15 16:00

Smartphones, tablets might not be bad for kids after all

A respected group of pediatricians that previously warned against the use of electronic devices by kids has changed its tune, but other experts suggest old school toys and books are still better options.

Written by Bill Snyder26 Oct. 15 16:01

2 good reasons to avoid Microsoft's Edge browser

Microsoft Edge doesn't current support browser extensions, and a new feature spotted in a leaked version of Windows 10 is sure to annoy anyone who wants to use Chrome or Firefox instead of Edge.

Written by Bill Snyder21 Oct. 15 16:55
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