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ANZ loses former tech chief to heart attack

Former ANZ IT chief Mike Grime passed away after suffering a heart attack in his home in France last Friday. He was 62 years old.

Written by Darren Pauli20 Jan. 09 12:30

Bailout won't keep Wall Street from sending jobs offshore

The collapse of Wall Street may prompt financial services firms to increase their use of offshore outsourcing and cut more jobs in the US on top of the layoffs they have already announced.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau29 Sept. 08 08:33

Westpac's outsourcing architects show true colours

The big bang outsourcing contracts made famous by the big banks over the past decade may have been a one-off occurrence, according to the architect of Westpac's famed multi-billion deal with IBM.

Written by Rodney Gedda07 Aug. 07 11:33
  • Why a modern workforce needs technology to match

    Australia’s workforce is changing. Powered by cultural shifts and the dual challenges of disruption and innovation, both employees and employers are seeking to adapt to and embrace a professional landscape which continues to evolve.


    Lenovo is innovating to lead in the PC+ Era. Already the world's leading PC company, Lenovo is also a leader in smartphones and tablets as it works to become one of the most respected technology companies in the world.

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