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Cryptocurrency prices are all in the mind

​The volatility of cryptocurrencies has become something of a joke. The fact its value bounces around like a kangaroo in a clown car has given rise to countless memes about the emotional toll of being an investor.

Written by George Nott23 May 18 09:00

Aussies lost $340M to scams last year

Australians lost $340 million to scammers in 2017, a $40 million increase on the year before, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said on Monday.

Written by Byron Connolly21 May 18 12:08

RBA names new CIO

The Reserve Bank of Australia has appointed a replacement for departing chief information officer Sarv Girn.

Written by George Nott23 April 18 13:01

Samsung Pay connects Four

Samsung Pay can now be used by NAB customers, making the smartphone mobile wallet the first to be compatible with all of the Big Four Australian banks.

Written by George Nott26 March 18 14:42

QBE CIO takes redundancy in restructure

QBE Insurance ANZ CIO Tony Forward has accepted redundancy, the result of a restructure of the company’s executive.

Written by George Nott19 March 18 14:44

Open banking means keeping up with fintechs

The Australian government is introducing ‘open banking’ to give citizens what it says is greater access to and control over their banking data.

Written by Lorraine Pauls Longhurst06 March 18 15:28

Rambo and the machine learning models helping Sportsbet up its games

​A Netflix-style recommendation engine on steroids, a Google AdWords beater and a souped-up game simulator are among a number of machine learning models at work behind the scenes at online bookmaker Sportsbet, the company has revealed.

Written by George Nott06 March 18 10:44

Last of the mainframers: Big Iron's Big Crisis

Despite the mainframe's central and enduring position in the enterprise – or perhaps because of it – new blood is not joining the specialist workforce.

Written by George Nott26 Feb. 18 11:34

New Payments Platform PayID feature suffers day one wobbles

Banking customers attempting to create their PayID – a feature of the newly launched New Payments Platform – were hit with error messages and delays yesterday as the addressing database behind it suffered ‘temporary congestion’.

Written by George Nott14 Feb. 18 14:43

CBA cuts IT spend by nearly a third

Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s IT services expenses decreased by 32 per cent to $752 million in the half year ended in December, compared with the same period in 2016.

Written by George Nott07 Feb. 18 11:31

Millions of Intel chips hit with major flaw

Design flaw found in microprocessors made by Intel that requires updates to computer operating systems, causing the chips to operate more slowly.

Written by Reuters04 Jan. 18 04:30
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