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Assessing BlackBerry CEO's July 2012 Predictions of Success

In July 2012, I had a long, thoughtful chat with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins about everything BlackBerry. Our conversation came at a crucial time for the company. The BlackBerry 10 OS had already been delayed multiple times, the company was at the center of endless doom-and-gloom rumors and Heins, who took on the chief executive reins just six months earlier, had a whole lot to prove. (Read the full Q&A with Heins here.)

Written by Al Sacco22 Aug. 13 14:58

How to close your next IT outsourcing deal: handshake vs contract

Should you trade your clear-cut written outsourcing contract for a simpler agreement and a handshake with your IT services provider? Thomas Young from Information Services Group (ISG) says you should consider what he calls 'evolutionary contracting'.

Written by Stephanie Overby03 May 13 13:27

Open source identity: Bitcoin technical lead Gavin Andresen

Originally from Melbourne, Australia but now living in the US, Gavin Andresen is the technical lead of the Bitcoin virtual currency system. Started by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, Bitcoin is a digital currency system consisting of an open source client and P2P network. The aim of the Bitcoin project is a decentralised, secure peer-to-peer currency system that does not rely on banks or central transaction processing authorities. To generate “Bitcoins” people on the network use a cross-platform, open source client developed in C++. In addition to the open source aspect of Bitcoin, there is now an emerging market in services around the cryptocurrency such as exchange portals and virtual clearing houses. Previously, the Open Source Identity series has featured interviews with Ruby on Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson, Linux’s Linus Torvalds, Jan Schneider of Horde, Mark Spencer of Asterisk fame, Spine CMS creator Hendrick van Belleghem, Free Telephony Project founder David Rowe, and PulseAudio creator Lennart Poettering. This time we talk to Gavin Andresen about the new, decentralised approach to money – Bitcoin.

Written by Rodney Gedda21 March 11 14:29

The business of risk management

CIO sat down with the head of actuarial studies at the Australian School of Business, University of NSW, Associate Professor John Evans, to talk risk management and the role it plays in the enterprise.

Written by Georgina Swan28 Feb. 11 12:55

Mobile benefits outweigh the risks: Westpac CTO

The new paradigm of mobile banking carries with it inherent risks, but there’s no reason for consumers to be less confident about the security of their data if the right safeguards are in place, says the chief technology officer (CTO) of Westpac bank.

Written by Rodney Gedda28 Dec. 10 09:00
  • Balancing cyber risk and resiliency: breaches and your brand

    At a recent lunch in Melbourne, senior technology executives discussed ways of dealing with the increasing size and complexity of global attacks. The events were sponsored by NTT Communications and NTT Security.

    NTT Communications

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