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Learn from the Mavericks
By SugarCRM | 21/9/2017

Competition is increasing, the pace of change is getting faster and digital technology is disrupting everything. We hear about these challenges ad nauseam. But a certain type of leader – the Maverick – sees these challenges as opportunities and is making some key decisions today that will set their organisation up for success in a fast-moving future.

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Everything You Need to Know About Cyber Threats But Were Too Afraid To Ask
By Diligent | 9/5/2017

Boards of directors are too often kept in the dark about the security risks to their organisations. That’s what the Ponemon Institute discovered last June when they surveyed members of the board of directors and IT security experts from the same companies.

The Ponemon researchers found that 30% of directors acknowledge that they don’t understand the risks that their organisation faces in security matters. Yet more than 50% of the IT security experts believe that the directors who sit on the boards of their companies don’t understand the security environment that they are working in, or the risks it represents. Read this today..

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Strengthen your defenses against cybercrime
By Mimecast | 18/8/2017

Operating and securing a business in the cloud can be hard. The rapid evolution of cyberthreats, inevitability of technical failure, and potential for human error are risk factors that organisations simply can’t ignore. These risk factors can cause irreparable damage like business disruption, lengthy downtime and data loss. Plus, the complexity and cost involved with addressing these

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SugarCRM Customer Stories: P&N Bank
By SugarCRM | 21/9/2017

The challenge in this case study was to guide P&N successfully through change and bring their people along on the journey in a highly challenging and increasingly digitised marketplace.

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Electronic Signature Guide for Banks
By eSign by Vasco | 12/9/2017

Today, your customers want service quickly, at their convenience. Customers need to be able to do everyday banking, open accounts, sign loans and more, from anywhere, at any time, on any device. They are seeking the omni-channel experience, with the flexibility to start a transaction in one channel and complete it in another. As a result, the traditional way of signing forms and documents is changing – from paper to paperless. Read more here

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