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IT is not the bogeyman it used to be

Rogue IT (or Shadow IT) has been a bogeyman in IT circles for years, but new research from the nonprofit Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) suggests that business units increasingly find it important to keep IT in the loop, even as their power to purchase their own IT solutions is growing.

Written by Thor Olavsrud03 July 15 06:35

How to win mobile customers in the ‘Game of Trust'

Marketers trying to win customers in the world of mobility face a daunting challenge: gaining their trust. And the Game of Trust can be just as unsettling as anything seen on HBO's hit series "Game of Thrones," only more so because this isn't fiction. After all, you don't want your followers losing trust in you and accusing you of treason. That would be a bloody mess.

Written by Tom Kaneshige16 June 15 23:44

It's a Seller's Market for IT Professionals

While 70 percent of hiring managers plan to hire more IT pros in the second half of 2014, candidates are showing they're not willing to accept just any offer. In fact, 32 percent of hiring managers and recruiters said in a recent survey that their offers were being rejected, and a majority (61 percent) of respondents said candidates were asking for higher compensation than they did as recently as six months ago.

Written by Sharon Florentine31 July 14 03:20

How EDA Used Big Data Analytics to Drive SaaS Revenue

Faced with the challenge of converting subscribers to a new platform while implementing a price increase, Equipment Data Associates turned to Scout Analytics to provide the data analytics it needed to better understand and serve its customers.

Written by Thor Olavsrud23 Sept. 13 13:27

3 heavyweights give gamification a go

Got gamification yet? If you don't, you're not alone -- according to Gartner, fewer than 5% of organizations worldwide are using gamification. But get ready: Analysts expect enterprises to start embracing the technique in many areas over the next two years, and the impact, they say, could be far-reaching.

Written by Tam Harbert18 Sept. 13 16:54

Senior Living Communities Connect With Social Networking

IT leaders can't always measure a project's success by revenue or cost-saving metrics. Brookdale Senior Living's CIO achieved a greater objective by bringing social networking to its communities' residents: It improved their lives.

Written by Kristin Burnham11 Feb. 13 14:37

How integrating physical and information security mitigates risks

Though both are critical, physical and information security remain separate entities at many organizations. However, you can get a better grip on overall risk by integrating the two. Austin Recovery, a drug and alcohol treatment center, successfully took on the integration challenge-- and what it learned can teach corporations valuable lessons.

Written by Kim S. Nash05 Sept. 12 00:44

CA Technologies bridges big data gap with federation, indexing

A Coveo implementation at CA Technologies shows that federation of dozens of data sources proves to be an efficient method of dealing with big data, with employees and customers alike reaping the benefits of data availability.

Written by Vangie Beal06 Aug. 12 12:39

Seven reasons to use AirWatch for mobile device management

Many enterprises use AirWatch systems to manage mobile devices on an individual, group and company level all at once. From configuration to monitoring to support, here are seven reasons why AirWatch ranks among the MDM leaders.

Written by Richard Hein11 July 12 15:27

CIO resume makeover

James Jordan had been trying to fund his own healthcare technology company with the profits from his independent IT consulting business for 15 months when he concluded that the embattled healthcare industry was just not ready for his software product and that it was time to start a job search.

Written by Meridith Levinson21 June 11 01:33

Seeing Is Believing

Transparency, the let-it-all-hang-out style of IT management, isn't scary; it's empowering. It's what is freeing IT up to be more competitive, effective and resourceful. Three case studies demonstrate how service-level agreements, chargeback and the Balanced Scorecard help create transparency and better align IT with the business

Written by Meridith Levinson and Richard Pastore09 Aug. 05 11:10

The Right Way to Steer IT

Advisory committees can help align IT and business objectives - as long as the CIO keeps a firm hand on the tiller

Written by Ted Smalley Bowen06 Oct. 04 12:49

Where Do We Go From Here?

Six experts offer their ideas on the future of the CIO role, the supply chain, just-in-time manufacturing, security, management and other issues affected by the terrorist attacks in the US.

Written by CIO Staff14 Dec. 01 11:49

Fighting Back

How to go from partner to plaintiff in one not so easy lesson.

Written by Sue Bushell19 Nov. 01 10:00

Clogged Arteries

To witness the paradox of health care technology, take a stroll down the hallway of any hospital or medical centre

Written by Sue Bushell07 Sept. 01 11:00

Too Many Chiefs?

CIOs: you've got Â'C's' to the left of you, Â'O's' to the right of you. Ride into the valley of CXOland . . .

Written by Sue Bushell05 Sept. 01 11:00

Hard Times are the Best Times

No matter how precious the dollars, the companies that continue to look for new ways to do business are the companies that succeed

Written by Lee Pender04 Sept. 01 11:00

The Cisco Skid

Cisco's forecasting software not only failed to predict the economic downturn: its much-touted software and outsourcing infrastructure actually clouded the company's crystal ball.

Written by Scott Berinato10 Aug. 01 09:00

Mission Accomplished

In 1998 Wayne Saunders joined Southcorp as its first CIO, with a mandate to transform the multinational's IT department into a business-driven, service-based entity. Three years down the track, CIO revisits Saunders to find out if whether it was a Mission Impossible or a . . .

Written by Keith Power10 Aug. 01 09:00
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