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Do you need an MBA?

Four IT executives discuss why they pursued a master of business administration qualification, and can MBA stand for ‘marriage breakup assured?

Written by Byron Connolly25 Nov. 14 16:49

The technology orchestrator

Sydney Water's Stephen Wilson has built his career on setting a strategic vision for technology.

Written by Nadia Cameron27 Oct. 14 09:17

The rise of the digital board director

Providing business technology governance to boards is tipped to be one of the most sought after skills in the digital economy. IT leaders talk about their experiences serving on company boards.

Written by Divina Paredes and Byron Connolly25 Sept. 14 10:13

State of the CIO 2014

CIOs no longer sit outside the business, and they know it. They are working more closely with other c-level executives and aligning themselves with business outcomes and priorities, according CIO's 2014 State of the CIO survey.

Written by Byron Connolly08 Sept. 14 13:56

Five things CFOs want from CIOs

Face it, you need to get on with your CFO. Here are the five things they want from you.

Written by Bonnie Gardiner04 Sept. 14 09:32

Working with HR - Part 3

What department heads and line managers think of HR, what employees think, and what HR managers think.

Written by Tim Mendham19 Aug. 11 07:00

Working with HR - Part 2

Stephanie Christopher, national director of SHL Australia New Zealand, a company which assists companies — including recruitment firms — in their recruitment activities, says that for the more technical positions HR has to fill, “it would lean toward the line manager for advice; it would be the line manager who would have final say”.

Written by Tim Mendham18 Aug. 11 11:37

Working with HR - Part 1

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: “Managers aspire to be strategic, but they are required to fulfil their duties as a functional expert.”

Written by Tim Mendham17 Aug. 11 13:50
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