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  • 21 March 2017 11:23

Moving on from MobileIron, St Ives Home Care Steps up to SOTI

Meeting Australia’s growing demand for home care with mobility management that can improve response times for urgent care requests

Sydney, Australia – March, 2017 —As part of aged and disability care sector reform, analysts anticipate the Australian Government will dramatically increase availability of home care packages (the main way government subsidised aged care services are delivered in the home) from 66,000 to around 100,000 by 2017, with more than 40,000 additional packages to be available by 2022 .

To meet the growing need for in-home care services, St Ives Home Care built on its 20+ years of experience and undertook a strategic mobility management program to run its more than 400-strong, national team of mobile support workers more efficiently, improving response time for urgent care requests.

“We run a mobile organisation with a national footprint, delivering personalised services to ageing Australians in their homes,” said Erle Metcalf, Infrastructure Coordinator ICT, St Ives Home Care.

“We found the SOTI system a huge benefit for our business, and our staff have really benefited from the geolocation associated with the new technology,” said Metcalf. “We are now able to assist our support workers wherever they are, as the SOTI system helps us to determine their location in real time if they need us. The technology also results in efficiencies for us with scheduling and matching support workers for client bookings/needs at short notice.”

“SOTI MobiControl has helped us to better connect the dots,” said Metcalf.

St Ives Home Care was using MobileIron, through a managed service provider (MSP), for basic device and application management and had a paperwork heavy process. With a desire for a more info-centric program with an on-premise mobility management solution that delivered geolocation services, St Ives Home Care selected SOTI MobiControl. With SOTI’s enhanced remote support features, rapid deployment, easy and seamless application updates plus automated scripting, all from one easy-to-use interface, the decision – according to Metcalf – was easy.

SOTI Delivered Operational Benefits in Just Three Months

“With SOTI, we didn’t need to re-engineer software into an application since everything we were looking for was available from the management platform, and that accelerated our ability to deliver on decision-making and realise return on our investment,” Metcalf continued.

SOTI’s rapid deployment features and ease of use mean that new Samsung devices can be shipped directly to St Ives Home Care support workers in the field for provisioning and enrolment, bypassing the previously time consuming process of provisioning at its head office then distributing the devices. This change frees up IT staff for more strategic tasks, and SOTI remote support has proven to be so easy and powerful that St Ives Home Care has designated super-users to use SOTI remote support features to fix problems directly in the field. These changes have reduced device downtime and allowed St Ives Home Care to keep devices in the hands of its mobile users, which is vital to running a primarily mobile operation.

The company now has a more streamlined approach to its administration and coordination of services and scheduling as a result of the SOTI technology. Updates are now quick and easy via the on premises SOTI MobiControl solution.

St Ives Home Care has seen significant improvements and efficiencies in device rollout and management, operational planning, reporting and expense management. Real-time geolocation data has provided St Ives Home Care’s scheduling staff with the information they need to meet urgent care requests. Accurate, real-time asset and usage tracking has enabled St Ives Home Care to do predictive billing, not only removing its monthly bill shock but also providing the data with which to identify issues or opportunities for device usage improvements and cost savings.

“Any organisation with its workforce on the road every day, in both urban and remote locations, using mobile devices and applications across a huge geographic area requires a mobility management solution and a strategic mobility program,” said Adele Beachley, Managing Director – Asia Pacific, SOTI.

“It is gratifying to know that, through real-time geolocation data, powerful remote support and all the other features of SOTI MobiControl like security, asset management, application and content management and more, SOTI is helping St Ives Home Care to deliver much needed services to support, comfort and care for ageing Australians in their homes,” said Beachley.

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