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  • 28 November 2012 06:59

Telecommunications Keep Assets and the Public Safe with DigSAFE Pro™ Cloud Asset Protection

DigSAFE Pro™ Cloud Asset Protection prevents costly dig accidents that can disrupt telecommunication services, which can put the public at risk.

Telecommunications provider often have their lines and cables buried underground as this is a means to keep them safe from extreme weather events, in addition to being more aesthetically pleasing. Underground assets are at risk since they can be severed during construction excavation projects. What can be done to protect underground telecommunication assets? The accidental cutting of telecommunications lines during excavation projects can cost the company thousands of dollars in repairs and lost revenue due to disruption in services. Moreover, when there is a disruption of telecommunication services, public safety is also put at risk. For example, in the United States, a community in New York State went without telephone services for 24 hours when an underground telephone line was severed. In addition, the town's emergency 911 (000) services were also affected, which led public officials to express concern that this put the health and safety of its residents at risk. This situation and others that result from the dig accidents that sever telecommunications lines can be avoided if contractors, public works providers, and utilities have expedient access to the location of vital underground assets. This information is available through the use of DigSAFEPro™, which is an automated plan response system that streamlines the workflow involved in handling contractor Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) queries. This cloud-based response system provides the contractor accurate information about the location of underground assets quickly. DigSAFEPro™ allows the user to automate DBYD calls completely or partially, according to the needs of the organisation. Another feature that adds efficiency us the ability to integrate DigSAFEPro™ into an organisation's existing GIS system without the need for customisation. The streamlined workflow is as follows: the system confirms the request for information; the GIS is queried; a plan is formulated; and the response is delivered. This will save your organisation time and money, protect the community, as well as ensure the safety on those working near your assets. To learn more about how DigSAFEPro™ can help protect vital telecommunication assets, visit : Via : Infrastructure Protection News

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