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  • 21 October 2010 10:25

New software launched to harness data explosion for business and research

Two highly anticipated data analysis software products will be launched in Australia today, giving users the unrivalled ability to analyze video, audio, pictures, surveys and documents side-by-side. Developed by QSR International, NVivo 9 and NVivo Server 9 are designed to harness the data explosion facing researchers, businesses and governments worldwide.

QSR International CEO John Owen says 80%* of all potentially usable business information originates in unstructured form, from documents and video, to PDFs and social media chat. With unstructured data doubling every three months**, he says NVivo 9 gives individuals and organizations a way to manage and analyze this avalanche of information, quickly and easily.

"Analysis is not just about numbers and the ‘what and when’ any more - it’s about a whole host of information sources which focus on the ‘why and how’,” says Owen.

“Whether you’re researching climate change or trying to better understand your customers, technology needs to do more than simply help answer your question – today it needs to uncover the context around it, including those subtle connections and insights that just can’t be discovered manually.”

NVivo 9 has been in development for two years and it delivers a suite of sophisticated features that support the inquiry process at every stage – from exploring volumes of data and discovering relationships, trends and connections, to extracting supporting evidence and sharing findings.

Microsoft Australia’s Director Platform Developer Evangelism, Gianpaolo Carraro, congratulates QSR on the release.

“NVivo is a great example of Australian software that is achieving global commercial success. QSR’s commitment to the latest elements of the Microsoft platform gives them the edge in the way they are able to innovate and stay ahead of their competition,” Carraro says.

Owen says from today, users will be able to work with all of their data in one application, eliminating the need for double handling. They will also be able to seamlessly interchange data between NVivo and other applications like Excel, IBM SPSS Statistics and EndNote, and use automated features to quickly grasp themes and patterns.

“New query and visualization features allow users to sit up above their data and drill down into it. For the first time users can run automated queries to quickly test theories or uncover patterns in their data and then see the results in a visual form - as word trees, tag clouds and tree maps,” says Owen.

“In a first for the qualitative data analysis software market, teams who combine both NVivo 9 and NVivo Server 9 will be able to work with video, audio, pictures, open ended surveys and documents in the same project at the same time, enabling true collaboration and the ability to leverage the whole team’s expertise on the spot.”

NVivo 9 and NVivo Server 9 are the first fully featured QDA (qualitative data analysis) software combination to offer live collaboration and Owen says they will make the software an attractive proposition for the commercial and government sectors.

“Our customer research shows that over 70% of people working with unstructured data, work in teams. Adding NVivo Server 9 to our offering puts us in a unique position to support team-based projects.”

QSR International is already well established as the leading developer of software for researchers and others working with unstructured data. Its existing products are used in more than 150 countries, from helping doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital understand more about the needs of their patients, to assisting UK-based Progressive Sports Technologies to develop equipment to push elite athletes further. QSR is also the number one provider of QDA software for the worldwide academic market.

QSR International develops its NVivo software end-to-end in Melbourne, Australia. NVivo 9 is designed using Microsoft user interface guidelines and is supported on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

NVivo 9 and NVivo Server 9 are available to purchase from QSR International or via an official QSR reseller.

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