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  • 24 June 2010 12:10

New Version of aXes Provides Multi-Browser Support for 5250 Application Modernization

Sydney, Australia — June 24, 2010 — LANSA announces the release of aXes Version 1.35 with eXtensions that allow developers to write new 5250 applications (RPG and COBOL) to run on multiple devices including the iPhone and Android phones. This release completes LANSA's commitment to transform aXes from a browser-based, 5250 terminal emulator into a tool for providing modernized browser access to IBM i applications from any device using any browser.

aXes' new browser engine is built on the open source jQuery JavaScript libraries, providing multi-browser support for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Using aXes and a browser, any 5250 application can run on Apple, Linux or Windows platforms as well as multiple mobile, portable and fixed devices.

The new browser engine marks a change in the way 5250 applications can behave on the Web. Developers write RPG or COBOL code in the normal way and use aXes eXtensions to design a graphical user interface for the Web. The program manages the data content of the screen and aXes eXtensions define and manage the screen layout, thus separating the data from the visual user interface. This means developers can design a user interface without regard to the usual 5250 screen layout and write programs for mobile (smart phones), portable (netbooks and tablets) and desktop devices that are aware of the device dimensions and use aXes eXtensions to layout the screen as it will appear in the browser on each of the devices. Companies achieve the objective of running 5250 applications across multiple channels without additional “Handlers” and have complete control over how the application operates and how the user interface behaves. For example, operate a kiosk with a supported browser and an RPG program. aXes retains the existing browser engine to allow for situations where precise 5250 emulation is necessary. Without source code changes, aXes will dynamically convert screens from 5250 applications into Web pages on-the-fly and aXes also supports the IBM supplied graphical DDS keywords. Where necessary, these screens can be enhanced with aXes eXtensions. In addition, aXes will run both browser engines side-by-side to enable a gradual conversion from only 5250 emulation to rich Internet applications built with RPG or COBOL and aXes.

Two new features will help 5250 applications participate in mashups and composite applications. The aXFrame eXtension allows you to insert whole Web pages into customized screens. The aXFrame displays a Web page, PDF document, Adobe Flash component, or a Microsoft Silverlight component beside the content from a 5250 screen. The External Hosting eXtension allows you to place aXes sessions inside other Web applications. Both extensions expand the options for combining data from multiple applications to create new views of the data. For example, a call centre operator can view all of the necessary information on one Web page instead of jumping between several applications.

aXes External Hosting eXtensions support not only Web applications but also Windows .NET applications. Developers can write a C# .NET application and embed a 5250 application inside the user interface. The 5250 application will assume the look-and-feel of the Windows application. This allows companies to reuse existing assets by combining functions from 5250 and .NET applications to create new applications.

The new release also contains developer tool enhancements, including the ability to call RPG, COBOL and CL programs from eXtension scripts, creating CSV files to load into Microsoft Excel, and support for 128 character passwords.

aXes is available for license from a worldwide network of Reseller Partners or directly from your local LANSA office. Visit for details. Pricing is available on request and the software is licensed by processor or by number of concurrent sessions.

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