CIO Executive Council WebEvent | Enterprise Agility – Facilitation, Integration and Enablement

As a result of the ever-changing landscape organisations have to work across, disruptive transformations, new ways of working and varying approaches to delivery methods, organisations are becoming increasingly less agile in how projects are delivered. What is the common factor? Project Management delivery approaches continue to evolve, but the concept of project governance, usually undertaken by the traditional Project Management Office (PMO) has not. Project Teams outside delivery are falling behind due to the need to follow traditional processes. Something must change. Failure to do so is resulting in rework, duplication of effort and inefficiency at scale. Organisations need to be able to respond more effectively to the dynamic and evolving nature of project delivery approaches to stay competitive, doing so proactively. So how do we evolve traditional models to increase enterprise agility? Instead of improving in isolation, let’s look at commonalities to enable us to drive stronger organisational outcomes. In this CIO Executive Council webinar Fatimah Abbouchi, Managing Director of Agile Management Office, will takes us through a high-level overview of: The problem with the traditional approach to project governance and project management support How are organisations responding Why we need to rethink enterprise project management agility What are the impacts of not evolving project delivery and governance Why enterprise agility matters How IT can become a facilitator of the change in enterprise agility A real-life example of an alternative approach in action and results delivered

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