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Three Reasons Why Every IT Specialist Needs Expert Project Management Skills

Three Reasons Why Every IT Specialist Needs Expert Project Management Skills

Are you an IT specialist seeking to advance your career? Here are three reasons why you should consider project management as your next move.

An employee’s lack of project management skills can result in a company’s overspending, general inefficiencies and an unmotivated team. However, an employee’s strengths in project management can also be directly linked to its success.

In the dynamic, fast-paced world of IT, effective project management ensures operations run as smoothly as possible – and it’s something that every company needs. If you’re currently working in the IT sector and looking to advance your career, up-skilling in this area may be the right move for you.

Here are three key reasons why project management skills are invaluable at every IT-driven workplace.

1. Project managers increase profit margins

Businesses that embrace effective project management methods reduce risk, decrease cost and benefit from higher efficiency rates. To put this in perspective, a recent study by the Center for Business Practises (CBP) found that such organisations:

  • experienced a 75% increase in employee productivity
  • completed 50% more projects, and
  • saw an improvement on budget by 30%.

Effective project management helps organisations make the most of expensive resources and businesses actively seek individuals who can save them time, effort and money.

2. Project managers maximise team successes

We all want to work in a team that kicks goals each day. Thankfully, good project managers streamline processes and heighten productivity. This is because staff members become acutely aware of what is expected of them, when to deliver work and to whom. The same study cited above also revealed that companies with good project management practices exhibited 40% more employee satisfaction. That doesn’t come as a surprise; after all, success boosts confidence – and when employees recognise they’re doing well, they strive to achieve even more.

3. Project managers problem-solve with ease

According to the CSIRO, tasks at work continue to increase in complexity. Executing these tasks require a high level of skill. With a number of restraints (such as stakeholder requests, costly resources, tight budgets and rapid technological changes, just to name a few) projects are today more complicated than ever.

Leaders that possess project management skills safeguard the quality of an organisation’s output – without compromising on time and money. Overall, good project managers know how to clarify objectives, mitigate risks and boost a business’ bottom line.

If you want to play a part in all this – and create a pre cohesive and productive workforce – learn what it takes to make an outstanding project manager with a 100% online postgraduate qualification from RMIT University.

To find out more about RMIT’s online postgraduate programs visit our website.

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