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Transformation through automation: What’s your story?

Automation technologies are completely transforming the way businesses operate. An array of robotic process automation and cognitive tools create efficiencies by relieving staff from having to complete manual and often quite repetitive tasks. This helps businesses cut costs across their networks and security infrastructure in their call centres.

Automation is the new black: Real-life stories of transformation

Technology-led automation has fundamentally changed how businesses operate. Companies are using technologies like robotic process automation across their networks and security infrastructure and inside their call centres to improve efficiency, reduce human error and lower operational expenses. By automating functions on network devices, for example, people no longer have to perform time-consuming tasks.

Securing customer data: Are you prepared for an attack?

​Recent high profile cyber-attacks have forced company boards to think much harder about the security of their customers’ information. IT security is no longer just about locking down networks. Hackers are more sophisticated than ever and government legislation now requires organisations to report when data breaches do occur.