• Death of the retail salesman

    The year 2013 has been another tough year of transition for many retailers, with major Australian retailers such as Billabong, Lisa Ho, and Payless Shoes all paying a high price for poor management decisions. The rising volume and value of e-commerce transactions has started to impact the retail property landscape, and promises structural change and pain for many retail property owners.

  • Taking the lead on customer service

    Leaders need to visibly walk the talk, and show they are serious about customer satisfaction.

  • When strategies come unstuck

    The Internet did not suddenly become important in 2011. It has been a driving force behind worldwide business disruption and change for the last decade. As many shareholders of Australian media and retail companies are perhaps now realising, a timid approach to change can easily turn out to be the highest risk strategy.

  • Navigating dangerous retail waters

    When you consider that eBay do not actually “sell” anything or handle any retail inventory, their decision to follow consumers into shopping centres is interesting. Perhaps online retail battles will soon also be fought in shopping centres and, if so, online retailing is also heading into dangerous waters.

  • Shifting the fundamentals of retail

    In any business, it is critical for leaders to regularly revisit the assumptions of their strategic planning. Industry wide structural change doesn’t happen often, but competitive threats can easily turn up at any time.

  • A day in the life of a CIO

    A CIOs job is never done. A day in the life of a chief information officer

  • Choice Is Open

    Information management has changed significantly over the last decade - both internally and externally. Think cloud, SaaS, PaaA, IaaS, open source, data integration, development ... the choice is open.

  • CIO Matters

  • Comfort Zone

    CIOs stepping out of their comfort zones to become business leaders who help drive the business strategy.

  • Editor's Blog

    CIO editor, Georgina Swan, talks ICT, business and what makes IT leaders tick.

  • Davy Adams

    Davy Adams is the Managing Director of IDG Australia, publisher of Computerworld and CIO.

  • David Bartlett

    David Bartlett is former Premier of Tasmania and one-time CIO. He is chairman of Asdeq Labs and works with communities on the NBN through Explor Digital Futures. He also likes to go fishing.

  • Peter Black

    Peter Black is an experienced Business, Executive and Retirement Coach with specialties in CEO coaching and mentoring, the IT industry and professional services firms.

  • Bruce Carlos

    Bruce Carlos is principal of Starmaster Group and an industry recognised CIO. He was a founding member of the CIO Executive Council of Australia, and the former CIO of Raytheon Australia and the Victorian Government's Centre of IT Excellence.

  • Rodney Gedda

    Rodney Gedda is the former deputy editor of CIO and former editor of Techworld.

  • Rory Gregg

    Rory is a Partner at Grant Thornton, leading their Business Transformation consulting practice in Sydney. His specialties are business strategy, performance improvement, and transformational change. Follow him on Twitter @rory_gregg

  • Rob Livingstone

    Rob is a respected and experienced CIO, with more than three decades of industry and ICT experience. Over the last 16 years he has held the CIO role at several multinationals, most recently Ricoh. He is the owner of Rob Livingstone Advisory and a Fellow of University of Technology, Sydney. Rob delivers the Pathways Advanced and Business ICT leadership programs in conjunction with the CIO Executive Council.

  • Ross Maher

    Ross Maher is the director of Build21c, an innovation project planning and research company that helps companies innovate. His specialities include project definition and set up, and he believes the best innovation occurs through a conversation with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Learn more at

  • Scott Stewart

    Scott is an experienced CIO with over 20 years of ICT experience. He has held senior management and executive positions in both the private and public sectors. These roles spanned both business and ICT functions including CIO of the large industry superannuation fund Sunsuper, and CIO of a large ASX listed stockbroker. Scott has more recently moved into the research and industry analyst sector and is now the Research Director at ITNewcom, a benchmarking, research and consulting practice. Follow Scott on Twitter: @CIOMatters.

  • Georgina Swan

    Georgina Swan, former Editor of CIO.

  • Chris Yates

    Chris Yates is the former CIO of Tennis Australia, where he oversaw the IT strategy for organisation and led the IT team for tournaments such as the Australian Open and Davis Cup. He has worked across various industries, including financial services, marketing and advertising.

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