Rob Livingstone

Rob is a respected and experienced CIO, with more than three decades of industry and ICT experience. Over the last 16 years he has held the CIO role at several multinationals, most recently Ricoh. He is the owner of Rob Livingstone Advisory and a Fellow of University of Technology, Sydney. Rob delivers the Pathways Advanced and Business ICT leadership programs in conjunction with the CIO Executive Council.
  • The Accidental CIO

    What's accidental about my career as a CIO? In the mid '90s I was given the job of re-implementing a failed ERP implementation in a multi-division, nationwide business. I remember the day well. “…we’d like you to stop what you’re doing and, as of next week, take over the management of the IT Division, and re-implement the system that’s just been implemented, in your spare time!”. To that point, I’d only ever been on the receiving end of various enterprise IT Divisions’ services and dictates. The boot was certainly now on my other foot.