Stories by Zafar Anjum

Working in a 'shareconomy'

What will be the working life like of future employees? According to research firm Ovum, future employees will face a very different work life from today. They will never be tethered to one location and will be able to share and access knowledge more easily.

Written by Zafar Anjum14 March 13 17:49

Ramco Systems: Going beyond ERP

Late last year, when I was meeting A.V. Dharmakrishnan of Madras Cements, I was hardly prepared to meet a CEO who runs his business literally off an iPad.

Written by Zafar Anjum26 Feb. 13 19:07

What are the top 10 most demanding IT jobs?

In a world buzzing with gadgets like smartphones and tablets and the expectation of always-on and 24x7 tech support, what are the most demanding IT jobs?

Written by Zafar Anjum16 July 12 10:23

Don't be afraid to delete that email

Today, many enterprises find themselves mired in the ever increasing need of bigger inboxes and larger archives. But the problem is that their IT departments haven't got the dough to buy more storage."

Written by Zafar Anjum18 Sept. 10 03:48

Tata Communications announces growth figures

Telecom company Tata Communications has announced record growth for business volumes despite the recession and continued investments in global infrastructure, services and emerging market initiatives.

Written by Zafar Anjum06 March 10 11:07

Extreme Networks to help enterprises migrate data centres

Networking company Extreme Networks has come out with a plan to help enterprises migrate their data centres from a physical network, to a virtual network to location-independent cloud networks.

Written by Zafar Anjum10 Dec. 09 10:41

Asian suppliers step into telepresence: Ovum

The Asia Pacific is one of the regions experiencing strong growth from managed telepresence services over the next five years, according to Ovum, an analyst and consulting company.

Written by Zafar Anjum15 Oct. 09 08:35