Stories by Aaron McPherson

Smartphones as wallets: real deal or distraction?

In the last two months, we have had three announcements of add-ons for smartphones that will allow users to read the magnetic stripe on a payment card, in effect turning the devices into wireless payment terminals.

Written by Aaron McPherson11 Feb. 11 08:09

Initial thoughts on PayPal's new developer platform

I just finished watching the PayPal Platform Preview, which was PayPal's official announcement of their new open development platform (it was previously leaked on TechCrunch). Officially called "PayPal X," the platform was presented by Osama Bedier (VP of platform and emerging technology) in broad, almost utopian terms, as something that would unleash waves of innovation transforming the way goods and services are delivered. Maybe.

Written by Aaron McPherson30 July 09 04:50

Online Payments Shackling E-Marketplaces

One of the largest hindrances to widespread adoption of e-marketplaces is the lack of integrated online payment services. According to one study, only 10% of registered participants become active traders.

Written by Aaron McPherson25 May 01 15:21